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High-quality cat and dog boarding and pet grooming

Petvet Veterinary Services provides high-quality cat and dog boarding and pet grooming. The veterinary also offers vaccinations help protect your pet from infectious diseases, protection from parasites like fleas, ticks and worms that can cause distress and in some cases even illness.

  • Meals that agree with a dog’s normal schedule and dietary needs
  • Veterinarians offer preventative care wellness services
  • Boarding (cats and dogs)
8F 3777A, Roan Road, Kabulonga
High-quality cat and dog boarding and pet grooming
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Petvet Veterinary Services
Petvet Veterinary Services
Veterinary services
Pet transport
Pets and Pet care
Located in the residential area of Kabulonga in Lusaka, Petvet Veterinary Services is a professional and fully qualified vet service that specialises in the care of both pets and farm animals, including horses. Petvet's competent team can assist with the import and export of pets to and from Zambia, as well as organising of permits. Petvet also offers a microchip identification service for both domestic and farm animals. This company also offers dog and cat boarding in a farm environment.
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