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Probiotics @ K172

Probiotics are an essential part of your body’s defense system. In a healthy individual, they should make up about 80% of gut bacteria, but unfortunately most of us are walking around with levels as low as 20%. This is mainly due to excessive consumption of sugar, meat and alcohol, which create an excellent environment for the bad bacteria.

Also, whenever you take antibiotics, you completely wipe out all your good bacteria, hence why it is absolutely imperative that you repopulate with probiotics!!

25 Great East Road, Handsworth
+260 966 800600
Probiotics @ K172
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Umoyo Natural Health
Umoyo Natural Health
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Umoyo Natural Health operates 8 health shops in Lusaka and the Copperbelt, selling a wide selection of natural health products. Passionate about health, they stock a wide range of natural health and beauty products including free from ranges, whole foods, herbs and supplements. In addition, some of the shops also have 'Mini-Clinics' that offer health consultations, therapies and detox programs.
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