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Professional firearm cleaning and rifle zeroing

Firearm cleaning

Also known as firearm maintenance or gun care, this is regular preventive maintenance that ensures optimal function of your firearm. Zambezi Arms and Ammunition uses several specialised tools and chemical agents to service firearms.

Rife zeroing

Zambezi Arms and Ammunition’s gunsmiths can fit sights (electronic and telescopic), mounts and sight in your rifle to shoot your specified cartridge accurately. As an official Steiner Optics dealer, this store can also advise you on and supply superb scopes and binoculars.

Shop No.4 Kafue Road, Kanele Mall
+260 979 333786
Professional firearm cleaning and rifle zeroing
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Zambezi Arms and Ammunition Ltd
Zambezi Arms and Ammunition Ltd
Sport specific gear
Hunting and Shooting
Firearm cleaning, zeroing, imports and storage
Founded in 1995, Zambezi Arms and Ammunition is one of the largest suppliers of shooting products in Zambia. Products stocked include riles, shotguns, handguns, ammunition, traps and clays, and shooting accessories. The store also offers professional firearm cleaning, rifle zeroing, storage and import services. Zambezi Arms caters for gun enthusiasts, fanatical shooters, hunters, law enforcement agencies and security firms. It prides itself in ensuring that every need of the shooter is catered for. All arms and ammunition are sourced from reputable manufacturers.
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