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Biometric time control solution

Belina Payroll offers the biometric time control solution which maximises a company's ability to manage the value of the time worked by employees and encourages productivity as well as attendance discipline. Belina's biometric time control product is able to do a number of things which include record clocking times using Belina biometric terminals, produce a variety of reports and automatically calculate overtime, short-time and leave. This company is committed to constantly adding new features to the software and developing its product for local needs and applications.

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Biometric time control solution
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Belina Payroll
Belina Payroll
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Biometric time control
Since 1993, Belina Payroll has been delivering innovation ideas and user-friendly technology for payroll and workforce-management environments. The company provides affordable software that increases efficiency and reduces overall costs for clients. It has a core offering that can be customised to meet a business's current and growing requirements, from small businesses to large corporates. Belina has over 1, 800 clients operating in the Southern African region.
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