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Weight loss training - Burn fat and tone your body

Functional fitness workouts are the key to weight loss and wellness. Combining high intensity interval training and body weight metabolic resistance training, FitCity Zambia can help you burn fat and tone your body. Their team is dedicated to finding what works best for you! FitCity Zambia understands that most people struggle when it comes to changing their lifestyles. And once they start working towards a change, keeping up the pace is the hardest of all. With highly experienced personal trainers, FitCity Zambia offers a wide selection of weight loss programmes.

6610 Mumana Road, Olympia Extension, Lusaka
+260 966 577197
Weight loss training - Burn fat and tone your body
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FitCity Zambia Ltd
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Weight loss training
A leading fitness and wellness company that offers fun and effective fitness, weight loss and team building services for individuals, corporates and sports teams. FitCity Zambia gets you to look, feel and perform at your fullest potential. Basically, they make sure you smash all those fitness and team-building goals you have had for years… so much so that you will soon have some new bigger and bolder goals. They love what they do because it is a celebration of the human body and all the wonders it is capable of.
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