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Through Helm Engineering, Global Roofing Solutions supplies natural and smoke ventilators

Natural ventilators

Ridge and slope ventilators -These ventilators are natural extract roof mounted units. They ensure optimal extraction under all weather conditions being so designed that all rain is effectively drained. Ridge and slope ventilators are suitable for the general ventilation of all industrial buildings. They are particularly useful in industries where continuous extraction of plant and solar heat is required. The ventilators are available in sections up to 2450mm long. However, larger throat openings are available on request.

Super ventilators - These units are consistent natural smoke and heat exhaust units which are manufactured to be installed onto large scale industrial buildings such as glassworks, boiler houses, steel and aluminium smelters to release products of combustion, smoke and steam.

Smoke ventilators

Automatic release ventilators -Designed to automatically provide their maximum exhaust area under fire conditions, whilst providing a fully weathered unit in their normally closed position. The units can also be used as natural ventilators but must then be incorporated with automatic closing devices (rain detectors).

Multi-purpose ventilators - They can be manually operated to provide natural ventilation as and when required. Multi-purpose ventilators will open automatically in an emergency to expel smoke and fumes, as well as flames.

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Through Helm Engineering, Global Roofing Solutions supplies natural and smoke ventilators
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Consisting of two leading South African roofing brands - Brownbuilt Metal Sections and HH Robertson, Global Roofing Solutions is one of the largest metal roofing and accessories suppliers in Zambia. With a state of the art workshop based in South Africa, this company manufactures commercial and industrial steel roof covering and wall cladding profiles (concealed fix and pierced fix), composite steel floor decking profiles and lightweight coated metal roof tiles (Zip-tek, UNI-TILE™ and IBR).
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