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Single and wholesale purchases catered for

The mission of Asian Medicos Enterprise is to explore and develop technology that protects and saves lives. To meet this challenge, Asian Medicos Enterprises equip the world with new tools for fighting diseases.

Medical products supplied by Asian Medicos Enterprise include:

  • Microscopes, microtomes and projectors
  • Orthopaedic implants and instruments
  • Pathology lab items
  • Physiotherapy equipment
  • Rehabilitation gel and cushioning products
  • Rehabilitation products and aids
  • Safety IV cannulas
  • Shadowless lights
  • Sharps container
  • Sterilization equipment and accessories
  • Suction units
  • Surgical instruments
  • Surgical needles
  • Surgical rubber goods
10 Malila Close, Northmead
+260 211 222720, +260 978 170563, +260 976 352988
Single and wholesale purchases catered for
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Asian Medicos Enterprise
Asian Medicos Enterprise
Medical instruments and supplies
Hospital equipment and furniture
Medical equipment and supplies
Established in 2008, Asian Medicos Enterprise specialises in manufacturing, exporting and importing quality medical supplies, medical equipment, surgical disposables, general consumables, diagnostic equipment, test kits and pharmaceuticals. They service small one off purchases as well as large wholesale quantities for hospitals and pharmacies. The company has a qualified team of staff, dedicated to providing quality delivery services. With more than 800,000 different products in stock, Asian Medicos Enterprise intends to provide one-stop shopping.
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