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A wide selection of ammo

Rashid Store is your one-stop shop for pistol, shotgun and rifle ammunition. You will find a wide variety of single boxes and bulk ammo from top brands.

133 Freedom Way, Nyama House, Lusaka
+260 211 221598, +260 211 223542
A wide selection of ammo
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Rashid Store
Rashid Store
Arms & Ammunition
Gun care products and accessories
In-house gunsmith
Established in February 1970, Rashid Store is the oldest firearms, ammunition and accessories dealer in Zambia. It is a household name nationwide due to its reputation of delivering, supplying and satisfying the customers’ needs over the years. Rashid Store has been proudly serving Zambia's private, commercial, hunting, sporting, wildlife conservation, law enforcement and government end-users for the past 46 years through retail, wholesale and imports. Rashid also offers professional gunsmith services.
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