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Buy from the renowned Renault brand

Renault Zambia F-One Hazida are car manufacturers with the best results in crash tests conducted by EuroNCAP in Europe. To prove the reliability of their products they offer a 3-year warranty to all customers. Safety is one of their top priorities.

6485 Lumumba Road, Light Industrial Area
+260 211 286745
Buy from the renowned Renault brand
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Renault Zambia F-One Hazida
Renault Zambia F-One Hazida
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Established in 2014, Renault Zambia F-One Hazida is the official distributor of Renault vehicles in Zambia. With a professional after-sales service, it offers a range of reliable vehicles together with parts and workshop backup. Renault Zambia F-One Hazida represents the Renault distributorship in Zambia in cooperation with Salvador Caetano Group. It is part of the Hazida group of companies which has a long and distinguished history in the Zambian transport and automotive industry.
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