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My journey at Springfields - May Mukendi

We all can agree that everybody dreads the first day at a new school. I waited in anticipation for my first day at Springfields; it was just as I had expected! I barely knew anyone, I somehow couldn’t figure my way around the not- so-large school, and to make matters worse, I enrolled three months late. I felt so lost, all I wanted was to go home. Most of the people, however, were very welcoming.

Days and weeks went by and I began to get familiar with the place. I started taking part time classes which enabled me to catch up on what I had missed. Most concepts I learned were much similar to ones from my IGCSEs but the way they were taught at Springfields gave them a whole new light hence making them much easier to understand.

The stern pep talks constantly being given by my teachers are always encouraging and remind us to put extra effort in order to achieve the grades I desire. As the end of my journey approaches, I still have a lot to work on. Although,that is a challenge, the manifold resources available and teachers who are ever so willing to help make it accomplishable.

"My one year six months spent at Springfields has been a roller coaster of emotions filled with growth, learning and creation of new bonds of friendship".

Written by

May Mukendi (pictured below)

A2 Student

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My journey at Springfields - May Mukendi
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Springfields School of Education
Springfields School of Education
Primary school
CAIE Examinations centre
NIIT - ICT centre of excellence
Springfields School of Education provides an enabling learning environment for both full time and part time students. It is a top international educational centre with modern infrastructure and features. The school has a multicultural student population, coached by a team of highly-experienced and long-serving teaching staff. Extra-curricular activities include table-tennis, chess, basketball, football, art, French and communication skills.
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