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Springfields alumni - Taonga Phiri

My name is Taonga Phiri (pictured below) and I’m a Springfields alumni. I was at Springfields from January 2017 to November 2018, doing my A-Levels. Overall, my experience at Springfields has been a memorable one and I would not trade it for anything in this world. Discipline was a top priority for the school and this ensured that we were all kept in line.

Springfields Coaching Centre welcomes persons of various nationalities and puts all students at ease regardless of their background. Simply put, this school is multicultural and ensures that students get to interact with people of different backgrounds. This is very crucial in aiding students as they prepare to interact with the world on a larger scale. I can personally testify that Springfields indeed helped me in being able to interact with the larger society both within Zambia and at Rhodes University in South Africa where I am currently studying.

When it comes to academics, Springfields definitely goes unmatched. Learning takes place in small numbers and this ensures that teachers could effectively relay information as well as see to it that students successfully grasp the concepts. Resources are also made readily available. This includes past examination papers and textbooks which are always up to date.

Coming from an Examinations Council Zambia (ECZ) background, A-Levels definitely helped prepare me for the pressure that comes with the university. I am definitely grateful for the ‘A’ Level experience: more especially, my teachers Mr Bulombe and Mr Kapeza for shaping me and ensuring I excelled in my final exams.

Overall, for the very best ‘A’ Level results as well as ‘O’ Level, Springfields is the best place to look at and you will definitely get value for your money.

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Springfields alumni - Taonga Phiri
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Springfields School of Education
Springfields School of Education
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Springfields School of Education provides an enabling learning environment for both full time and part time students. It is a top international educational centre with modern infrastructure and features. The school has a multicultural student population, coached by a team of highly-experienced and long-serving teaching staff. Extra-curricular activities include table-tennis, chess, basketball, football, art, French and communication skills.
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