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Unique birthday parties at O'Hagan's Lusaka

Meals out are a classic birthday celebration for friends and family. But, do you ever wonder how to make the next birthday celebration a little more unique, a little more special?

Consider O'Hagan's Irish Pub & Grill in Woodlands Shopping Mall who like to sprinkle a bit of extra magic for those special birthday celebrations.

  • Book a table for free (essential for busy nights) or pay K150 and your table will be set to fine dining standards, decorated with linen, balloons and confetti
  • Order from the main menu - everything from gourmet burgers to deluxe platters
  • Bring your own birthday cake for a perfectly timed surprised singalong
  • Plus get free dessert for the birthday girl or boy
  • O'Hagan's don't charge corkage but they don't allow drinks from outside - you'll be spoilt for choice on drinks and cocktails to toast the birthday girl/boy

Book with O'Hagan's and your group of friends and/or family can enjoy live music, fine pub grub and make birthday memories that will warm your heart next time they pop up on Facebook memories!

Unit 15, Woodlands Shopping Mall, Chindo Road
+260 211 262156, +260 211 262157
Unique birthday parties at O'Hagan's Lusaka
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