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Stay dry with motorcycle rain suits

Motorcycle rain gear is important to have so you can ride regularly and not get drenched in a downpour. Pilson Motors hold a large variety of waterproof clothing ranging from 1 and 2 piece motorcycle rain suits to waterproof motorcycle jackets and trousers. Now you can ensure you're prepared to ride no matter what the weather.

Motorcycle rain wear can be worn on top of your motorcycle clothing so you’ll be protected from the rain and be safe on the road.

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8480 Lumumba Road, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 977 589185, +260 950 507950
Stay dry with motorcycle rain suits
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Pilson Motors Ltd
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Pilson Motors are distributors of TVS bikes, a world leader in the motorcycle industry. The company also stocks their Pilson brand of bikes as well as a wide range of other brand new motorcycles including sports, scooters and cruiser bikes. Pilson Motors' array of bikes are high quality, affordable and of good design, they are a combination of function and technology. This company delivers consistent customer support and after-sales service on all their products with a team of qualified and experienced mechanics.
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