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Are you looking for stored product protection?

Shumba SuperMax Dust controls grain insect pests such as weevils, larger and lesser grain borers, moths and dried bean beetles. It also controls ants and cockroaches.


  • For stored grain: mix 25g of Shumba SuperMax dust with the shelled grain on a plastic protected or cement plastered surface and mix thoroughly with aid of a shovel. A single treatment at the time of storage protects stored grain for 12 months.
  • Ants: Sprinkle Shumba Super Dust onto nest entrances and trails
  • Cockroaches: Sprinkle Shumba Super Dust freely onto problem areas

Available 25Kg or 200g packages.

7249 Mukatasha Road, Industrial Park, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 287071, +260 964 747857
Are you looking for stored product protection?
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Afrivet Zambia Ltd
Afrivet Zambia Ltd
Animal health products
Environmental health care
Afrivet Zambia imports a full range of livestock items, with field staff available throughout the country to give technical advice and after sales service. It is the only registered distributor of Bayer environmental products in Zambia. This company also markets a range of environmental health products for cleaning, disinfection, public health, pest control as well as grain protection and malaria vector control. It has a large warehouse ensuring a consistent supply of goods.