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Renault Duster no. 1 selling SUV in its new car segment

Renault Zambia wishes to thank all its customers and partners who have helped make the Renault Duster a success in Zambia. It's been a Best Seller in Zambia in its new car segment since 2016!

The Duster is an entry-level affordable small SUV. It is priced for budget and practicality.

The Duster has undergone auto evolution but its DNA and winning formula remain the same.

1. Reinforced suspension and higher ground clearance to tackle rough African terrain.

2. An SUV with rugged looks that stands out in a crowd, but at the same time, operationally performs like a sedan - easy to drive and good fuel efficiency!

From Generation I, to Generation II and now onto Generation III Dusters, Renault Zambia remains committed to putting its customers at the core of its business.

+260 211 286745
Renault Duster no. 1 selling SUV in its new car segment
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Renault Zambia F-One Hazida
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Established in 2014, Renault Zambia F-One Hazida is the official distributor of Renault vehicles in Zambia. With a professional after-sales service, it offers a range of reliable vehicles together with parts and workshop backup. Renault Zambia F-One Hazida represents the Renault distributorship in Zambia in cooperation with Salvador Caetano Group. It is part of the Hazida group of companies which has a long and distinguished history in the Zambian transport and automotive industry.
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