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High quality washable and reusable protective masks on sale

  • High quality washable protective mask with removable filter - Min 100 units ZAR65.99/ Landed price Lusaka ZMK 89.00
  • 2 Ply washable sublimated Beak face mask - Min 100 units ZAR37.80. Landed price Lusaka ZMK 51.00
  • 3 Ply washable sublimated beak face mask - Min 100 units ZAR46.79. Landed price Lusaka ZMK63.00
  • Washable face mask 2 layer with sublimation, Min order 100 units ZAR34.7. Landed price Lusaka 47.00
  • Unbranded 3 layer washable beak face mask - Min 100 units ZAR 32.39. Landed price Lusaka ZMK 44.00

Please note: The lead time is 14 days, All masks are manufactured in SA.

+260 977 527260, +260 211 229115, +260 955 267301
High quality washable and reusable protective masks on sale
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Link Mining Suppliers is proud to be a Zambian supplier of Personal protective equipment (PPE), printer toner cartridges, tapes (adhesive and non-adhesive), pumps (electric and solar), road safety signs, fire prevention systems, packaging among other general hardware items. With a combined experience of over 20 years, Link Mining's team offers customers a professional and efficient service. Their mission is to become a solution provider to all clients as well as a link between supplier and client. Markets include Zambia, Angola, DRC Congo, Tanzania, and South Africa.
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