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Online classes now available

Following the announcement by the Government of the republic of Zambia , Pestalozzi Education Centre quickly set up and started teaching students using online platforms.

The School will virtually open on the 11 of May 2020 as teachers prepare for this Huge step in the Schools Aim of offering holistic education of the Head, Heart and Hands . Welcome to Term two!

+260 966 412027, +260 950 530032
Online classes now available
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Pestalozzi Education Centre Primary and Secondary School
Primary school
Secondary school
Among the top 10 private schools in Lusaka, Pestalozzi Education Centre provides outstanding kindergarten, primary and secondary education in an environment that enables every child to make full use of his or her intellectual and creative abilities. The school promotes practical skills as well as high academic attainment and is also an examination centre for the Examination Council of Zambia grade 7, 9 and 12. Pestalozzi strives to use best practices to meet the individual needs of students to become successful lifelong learners.
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