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Restaurant reopens by complying with council health standards

The Grill Shack has received their permit from council officials and is reopening from today. They are available for sit in and take away customers on Friday, Saturday and Sunday lunches and dinners.

Health measures

Customers are encouraged to abide by the health measures set out by the Government such as wearing masks, sanitising well and keeping a safe distance between yourself and other people.

The Grill Shack is working hard to stop the spread of Coronavirus by maintaining the health precautions required. Here is how they have adapted to comply with council measures to enhance customer safety.

  • It's now easier to place place orders conveniently and safely through WhatsApp.
  • The team is allowed to 5 clients at one time. So if you notice 5 people in a queue, kindly wait at a distance and you will be attended to as soon as possible.
  • Takeaway meals can be brought out to your car if you do not wish to enter the restaurant.

Latest menu

The latest menu includes rice dishes, Indian gravies, Chinese cuisine, noodles, soups, tandoori dishes and a braai menu. Whatsapp The Grill Shack for an up to date menu and to be added to their group.

397/A/16 Makeni Road, Makeni, Lusaka
+260 975 786999
Restaurant reopens by complying with council health standards
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The Grill Shack Lusaka
Casual dining restaurant
Function venue
The Grill Shack has an emphasis on Chinese dishes providing an intimate environment for guest to dine. Deliveries are also available but orders must be placed before 19.00. The restaurant also offers a full Braii menu, a booking service for special events and outside catering to order. Their team of well qualified chefs are specialised in meeting varied dietary requirements. Note that on Saturdays and Sundays the Grill Shack opens from 12:00 to 15.30, and from 18.00 through to 22:00, it is closed from 15:30 to 18:00.
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