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PC shipments are going to be delayed this year

  • The effects of COVID-19 are now a reality! Qrent are starting to experience a shortage in IT hardware
  • With unmatched supply and a weakening currency, prices will rise
  • Qrent can offer cost-effective, Tier 1 branded desktops with a 3 year a warranty immediately

Contact Qrent today and save up to 50% on your hardware costs.

+260 211 242 953/4/5
PC shipments are going to be delayed this year
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Computer hardware rental
For all your computer rental requirements, Qrent has the solution for you. With a spectrum of cost-effective rental options, the company hires out desktops, laptops, servers and projectors from leading international brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo and Fujitsu. Renting is an inexpensive way to access technology - you only pay for equipment you need for the time you need it! Qrent delivers countrywide.
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