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Trust Car Auto Services are experts in repairing and maintaining the auto electrical system in your car. Their services include air conditioning solutions (leakage testing, gas refill and system cleaning. auto electrical, brakes and braking systems; overhauls engines; and installs gear locks.

Car electricals in Zambia

The electrical system in your car is integrated with and controls all the major operations of your vehicle. For all electrical repair and maintenance needs, this category will give you an array of reliable and trustworthy repair shops that offer top of the line services for your car at honest and reasonable rates. Companies utilise the latest computer-aided diagnostics to determine the problem and provide the best solution to carry out repairs. Some of the electrical repair problems include AC and heating systems, lighting, battery drains, computer data lines, dash board and instrument clusters, ABS brakes, SRS lights, wiring harness repairs, power windows, locks, seats, sunroofs and computers. Companies are committed to giving you one on one attention with a guarantee that your vehicle will be serviced properly.