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B Square Ltd

Formed in 2006, B Square provides a comprehensive range of paramedical products and services including medical supplies, hospital equipment and accessories, reagents and other chemicals for hospital laboratories. It provides integrated medical services to government departments as well as mining and research organisations and prides itself on its ability to always deliver. It imports and assembles turnkey plant such as prefabricated theatres and modular theatre and mortuary systems.
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Great East Road, Lusaka
Great East Road, Chainama, Lusaka, Zambia
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+260 211 281865, +260 211 281864, +260 977 777787
PO Box 30958, Lusaka

Medical equipment and supplies

B Square is a first-choice supplier of specialist medical equipment and spares, medical consumables and accessories, computerised medical programmes and a range of medical services. The team is experience in working with hospitals, labs, mining companies, manufacturers, farming enterprises and water utility organisations.

Equipment and instruments B Square Ltd supplies an extensive range of genuine products from renowned brands such as 3M, Welch Allyn Nova, Perkin Elmer and Steroglass. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Surgical and nursing equipment such as
    • Anaesthetic equipment
    • Autoclaves
    • Medical stainless steel products
    • Medical pendants
    • Diagnostic equipment
    • Ultrasound equipment
    • Obstetric equipment
    • Theatre lights
    • Clean-room door systems and materials
    • Needles and syringes
    • Catheter tubes
    • X-ray equipment and accessories
    • Anaesthesia gas filler units, masks and vaporisers
    • Suture materials
    • Operating tables
    • Instrument trolleys
    • Theatre clothing and drapes

  • Laboratory equipment such as
    • Clamp stands
    • Thermometers and gauges
    • Pipettes
    • Racks
    • Laboratory software
    • Mass spectrometry
    • Microscope slides and specialty glass, shakers and stirrers
    • Single use bioprocess containers

  • Automated access control systems such as
    • Turnstiles
    • Code keys
    • Finger registers
    • Eye scanners
    • Digital money verifiers
    • X-ray scan systems

International links In order to source the most appropriate specialist equipment at the best prices, B Square Ltd has developed well-established links with suppliers in South Africa, Malaysia, Australia, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Middle East, Sweden, UK and USA. B Square provides

  • Radiation measurement and protection
  • Material characterisation and testing
  • Automated access control systems
  • Security and detection systems
  • Video surveillance systems
  • X-Ray scan systems for airports and hospitals

B Square Ltd · Medical equipment and supplies

Hospital equipment and furniture

B Square specialize in a broad spectrum of quality hospital equipment and furniture, namely medical beds, delivery beds, patient transport trolleys, medical carts, instrument trolleys, examination tables, overbed tables and other hospital peripherals and accessories.

B Square diverse range of products are used in/by a wide portfolio of customers such as hospitals and medical centres, as well as other healthcare-related facilities such as clinics and specialist institutions (i.e. fertility centres, diagnostics centres, eye specialists, orthopaedic centres, chiropractic centres, dialysis centres, confinement centres, nursing centres and etc). These products supplied are widely recognized for their outstanding quality. Complemented by excellent after sales service.

B Square Ltd · Hospital equipment and furniture

Laboratory chemicals and supplies

B Square Ltd offers high grade catalysts and chemicals for medical laboratories, and mining and agricultural industries. These chemicals include lime, carbon dioxide calcium phosphate, phosphoric acid, blue water, frothers, flocculants, anti-scalants, depressants, metal cleaners, degreasers, de-scalers, solvents and more. .

B Square have an experienced team of staff, most of who have been with the company since its inception. The staff comprises of professional sales and technical personnel who plays a pivotal role in ensuring that clients are properly advised on the products. With their in-depth experience and extensive technical expertise the company provide their customer the quality they require. Chemicals and reagents

  • Lime
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Calcium phosphate
  • Phosphoric acid
  • Blue water
  • Barium hydroxide
  • Frothers
  • Flocculants
  • Anti-scalants
  • Depressants
  • Metal cleaners
  • Degreasers
  • De-scalers
  • Solvents

B Square Ltd · Laboratory chemicals and supplies