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Primary school

Taking students from pre-school to grade 7, Chengelo primary school caters for termly and weekly boarders, as well as day pupils. Termly boarders below grade three are not normally accepted. Described as a 'home away from home' these young children are nurtured in and out of the classroom. Primary school life involves academics, arts, music, clubs, sports, adventure education and play.
High quality primary education
Termly and weekly boarders, as well as day pupils
A 'home away from home' school environment

Chengelo Primary School runs a British based curriculum that prepares students for secondary level. It offers a varied and exciting curriculum based on the updated UK National Curriculum aligned with the innovative Cambridge Primary Maths.

The school promotes a love of learning with Christ at the centre. The school is committed to the development of the whole child through:

  • Early literacy development
  • Cambridge Maths programmes
  • Sporting opportunities
  • Outdoor and adventure education
  • Specialised art and music teaching
  • Regular programmes for public speaking
  • Drama performances
  • A wide variety of extra-mural activities

This is a happy, caring and safe environment where each child is encouraged to thrive in all aspects of their life, not just the classroom.

Secondary school

Chengelo Secondary School runs from Form 1 to 6, age 11 to 18 years. Pupils follow a common course in Form 1 to 3 before being prepared for the University of Cambridge International Examinations and London Examination Board, Edexcel. With exceptional results, Chengelo students are regularly accepted at leading international universities.
Form 1 to 6, age 11 to 18 years
Excellent standards in student success rates
Education that helps develop a student to their full potential in all areas

Secondary School life involves academics, sports, outdoor education and extra-curricular activities, all interwoven with a strong Christian ethos. The school follows an international curriculum and is very proud of their results. With leading sports facilities and lots of healthy competition, every pupil can find a sport they love - from archery to football, there is something for everyone. Outdoor education involves camping, hiking, rock climbing, canoeing and more - all designed to teach character development and leadership. Clubs include sport, drama and hobbies and students are encourages to take up the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh International Award.

Tutor groups are in place to monitor student progress and care for individuals who may be having difficulties socially, spiritually or academically. Each group consists of 12-14 boys or girls. Tutors work closely with hostel parents and teaching staff to ensure the needs of individual students do not go unnoticed.

Sixth form

Chengelo School offers high quality sixth form academic education. A highly qualified and experienced team is committed to preparing and equipping students to achieve success and progress to university or higher level vocational education. Sixth form at Chengelo is vibrant, intellectually stimulating and friendly.
High quality sixth form education
An extensive range of academic, technical and professional courses
A wide variety of clubs and sports

Whether you are progressing from Chengelo Secondary School or enrolling at Chengelo for the first time at sixth form level, the team at Chengelo is confident you will find their sixth form fulfilling and enjoyable.

Chengelo's Sixth Form has a track record of producing outstanding A Level results with many students going on to study at some of the best universities around the world.

In the sixth form, Chengelo School places a strong emphasis on academic achievement to equip their students for further education. However, they also recognise that their responsibility is not simply to promote high academic standards, but to nurture and support the development of well- rounded individuals with maturity, depth of character and high moral standards.

Universities and careers

Chengelo School acknowledges that students can feel overwhelmed when considering future prospects. Their team works closely with students to ensure they are well informed and equipped with the resources to make good decisions. The school continues to build important links with external organisations who visit their students to give presentations, and hold question and answer sessions on future options.

Chengelo’s sixth form aims to enable students to:

  • Attain excellent academic qualifications
  • Develop their full potential inside and outside the classroom
  • Advance their physical, intellectual, spiritual, moral and social progress
  • Discover and use their talents and gifts to enrich the lives of others
  • Take on new responsibilities and leadership roles
  • Be an active member of the school and wider community


Chengelo’s outdoor centre, Ndubaluba, provides experiential learning where students absorb key life lessons through exciting and challenging outdoor activities and reflecting on these experiences. Activities include mountain climbing, kayaking, rock climbing, orienteering, adventure racing and bush survival.
Experiential learning where students absorb key life lessons
Students grow in their Christian character through adventure education
Has a great team of well qualified instructors

With the goal of exposing students to opportunities in leadership training and development, Chengelo offers the Ndubaluba outdoor centre. Linking leadership development with outdoor adventure education, the Ndubaluba experience helps to equip students with vital life skills.

Ndubaluba has been supporting adventure learning at the school for over 20 years. Today it runs courses and adventure education experiences for scores of young people across Zambia and beyond. Over the years, many ex-students have testified to the amazing impact the adventure experiences had in shaping their lives for the future.

Ndubaluba is run by a popular team of well qualified instructors who run world class adventure education at Chengelo.

Contact information

Mkushi Farming Block, Mkushi, Zambia
+260 979 999991, +260 979 999992
Open today: 08:00-17:00
PBag 16 Mkushi, Central Province, Zambia

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