Power generation

Cummins serves Zambia with cleaner, efficient and durable power solutions. Its top quality generator sets are suitable for all applications (standby power, emergency power and continuous power). The power generation range also includes Power Command controls, automatic transfer switches and switch gear.
Suitable for standby power or continuous power
Cummins certified technicians offer 24/7 support
Fully stocked parts centre

Cummins power generation products include diesel and alternative-fuelled electrical generator sets. These are available in sizes ranging from 2.5kW to 2,700kW.

Alternators from 0.6KVA to 30,000KVA are also available, and transfer switches from 40 amps to 3,000 amps. Cummins Automotive Services & Parts supply other related Cummins products:

  • Complete electrical equipment for power stations (up to 200MW)
  • Products for optimising power quality
  • Inverters for wind power systems
  • Rotating UPS systems
  • Protection and control systems for low and medium voltage
  • Heavy-duty filters for air, fuel, hydraulics and lubrication
  • Exhaust and emission systems products
  • Paralleling equipment
  • Synchronising equipment
  • Load transfer equipment
  • Remote monitoring equipment-iWatch.

Advantages of using Cummins generator sets

Cummins generator sets are powered by the famous Cummins G-drive engines, with over 50 ratings at both 50Hz and 60Hz for standby, prime unlimited and base power and are easy to install, commission, monitor and service.

Parts are readily available through the Cummins global network, rugged and dependable, with extremely reliable mechanical and electrical performance. They are able to deliver on reliability, efficiency and versatility.

The Cummins generator is the world's only fully integrated generation set made out of components manufactured by one supplier – Cummins. All generator components are designed and built to work together, with a two year warranty.

For high–hour use in environmentally sensitive locations, you may opt for the factory-integrated exhaust after treatments to reduce emissions. These have pre-integrated power command controller offers remote monitoring capability. Cummins Inc has a worldwide reputation for its engines and related technologies. Their generator sets are designed to last a lifetime.

After sales service

The company offers an installation service, and a certified team of technicians provides 24/7 technical support. The company has a fully-fledged onsite parts and service centre to provide support to customers.

Truck and Bus parts

Cummins Automotive Services & Parts supplies a variety of parts for trucks and buses such as new diesel engines, reconditioned engines, liner kits and overhaul kits. This company provides excellent after sales services, with a dedicated and fully qualified technical team who are experts in servicing, repairing and rebuilding of engines.
Parts L-10, M-11, N-14, NT, ISX, ISM, QSX, 6-BT and 6- CT engines
ReCon® products for trucks and buses
Fleetguard filters

Cummins parts and spares

Cummins Inc supplies genuine parts for various engines such as L-10, M-11, N-14, NT, ISX, ISM, QSX, 6-BT and 6- CT. Cummins Automotive Services and Parts also supplies genuine ReCon® parts for trucks and buses. ReCon® products are not just repaired or rebuilt; they are remanufactured to Technical Specification (TS) in ISO-certified factories.

ReCon® products for trucks and buses that are available at Cummins Automotive Services and Parts include turbochargers, water pumps and lube oil pumps.

Additional products and services available from Cummins Automotive Services and Parts are Fleetguard filters including air filters, oil filters and water filters for various truck and bus engines, together with Cummins premium blue oil.

The company can source parts for products they do not stock. Cummins has a reputation for building durable world-class engines that ensure the smooth running of vehicles under the toughest conditions. Every Cummins engine is backed by Cummins Genuine Parts and Service and carries a guarantee from the factory.

The re-manufacturing process

The re-manufacturing process begins with complete disassembly of every part, down to the last spring, nut and screw. Parts are then cleaned, using non abrasive cleaning methods, and undergo extensive testing to ensure they meet quality standards for reuse in the re-manufacturing process.

Parts that do not meet Cummins factory standards are replaced with new genuine Cummins parts. Individual components are tested prior to assembly. Following dis-assembly and cleaning, critical-wear parts — including seals, bearings and thrust plates — are replaced.

Truck and bus turbochargers are tested for tolerance and calibration to ensure an exact match to the intake needs of every engine. All critical-wear parts are replaced, and patented unitized carbon seals are used to resist silicate deposits and leaks.

Pulleys are re-grooved, and spring tension is optimised for reliability and durability. Installation gaskets and seals are included with truck and bus water pumps. Body and cover are inspected. Bearings, bushings, seals and gaskets are replaced.

Then truck and bus pumps are tested to ensure correct flow and pressure. Complete engine assemblies must pass rigorous quality tests before they can be sold to a customer. They also carry a warranty from the factory.

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