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Pumps and equipment

Davis & Shirtliff provides the region with a wide selection of water pumps for different applications. The extensive range includes pumps from leading world manufacturers. This company's expertise is in the supply of borehole equipment, including quality pumps from Grundfos, Pedrollo, Dayliff and others.
Water pump supply industry leader in northern and central Africa
A comprehensive range of borehole accessories
Full borehole installation, repair and maintenance services

Davis & Shirtliff has a presence not only in Zambia but also in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and South Sudan. In Zambia it has four branches – Lusaka, Kitwe, Ndola and Livingstone. This company supplies a wide range of water pumps for domestic water supply, water transfer and irrigation.

Due to their excellent performance, these pumps are particularly suited to pressure control systems. Their extensive range includes Grundfos, Pedrollo and Davey, with over 400 models available from stock. Davis & Shirtliff provides unbeatable value with a wide range of its own Dayliff brand. It also offers a variety of specialist pumps for industrial, agricultural and commercial applications.

Borehole services

Based on many years of experience, Davis & Shirtliff offers a comprehensive range of borehole accessories including strong, low friction PVC piping, cables, controls and fittings. Full borehole installation, repair and maintenance services are also offered.

Grundfos pumps

Davis & Shirtliff supplies a wide range of Grundfos submersible pumps designed specifically for borehole water supplies. Grundfos pumps are a multi-stage centrifugal impeller design. All parts are made from stainless steel with water-lubricated rubber bearings.

A submersible motor is fitted beneath the pump, and suction is affected through a strainer between the pump and motor. Standard pumps are designed for the pumping of 'non-aggressive' water. An 'N' version is available for applications requiring a higher degree of corrosion resistance.

Pedrollo pumps

Davis & Shirtliff supplies a wide range of Pedrollo 4BLOCK/PRO100AR pumps. The design of these pumps includes an innovative adaptation of the conventional 4SR borehole submersible pump incorporating an integral pump/motor unit housed in one compact unit.

Hydraulic and motor components are encased in a one-piece housing, hence providing a more economical alternative to the traditional borehole pump. Particular features include:

  • High resistance techno polymer hydraulic components providing the pump with a light silt passing capability.
  • Integrated design incorporating a built-in capacitor (no separate control unit is required).
  • A 20m drop cable supplied as standard.

Dayliff pumps

Nastec 4HS submersible borehole pumps are high-tech products with built-in inverter control. They are suitable for a wide range of water supply, water boosting and irrigation applications. Dayliff pumps have the following features:

  • Variable speed operation enabling constant pressure output that can be set according to site requirements. This provides consistent pressure at all delivery outlets and minimises energy consumption
  • Soft start and stop control reduces electrical and mechanical stress
  • Built-in protection from abnormal operating conditions including mechanical overload, power surges, under/oversupply voltage and dry running

Davis & Shirtliff branches in Zambia

  • Lusaka branch – FW 112 Lumumba Rd, Lusaka – +260211288010 – d&
  • Kitwe branch – Plot 1269 Freetown Rd, Kitwe – +260212221747 – d&
  • Ndola branch – Vitanda Street, Ndola – +260212610936 – d&
  • Livingstone branch – Mosi-o-Tunya Rd, Livingstone – +260213320002 – d&

Water pump brands stocked by David & Shirtliff

  • Grundfos
  • Pedrollo
  • Dayliff
  • Davey
  • KSB
  • Koshin

Power generation

Davis & Shirtliff is a well-established company offering electric, petrol and diesel-powered generators for a wide selection of uses, ranging from small domestic to large institutional applications. In addition, they provide engines suitable for powering water pumps. The company has four branches in Zambia.
Honda, Lister, Perkins, Lovol, Foton and Lombardin brands included
High-powered diesel generators
Electric generators suitable for water pumps

Davis & Shirtliff offers a choice of petrol, diesel and electric-powered generators, all sourced from quality suppliers from around the world. Brands include Honda, Lister, Perkins, Lovol, Foton and Lombardini.

Fully supported with technical advice at both pre- and post-sale, as well as service backup, these units provide reliable and effective power solutions.

Petrol generators

The price of petrol generators varies depending on type and size. As well as the purchase cost, buyers need to consider the operating cost and the cost of fuel and maintenance.

Davis & Shirtliff petrol generators are low-priced, quiet and environmentally friendly with low emissions.

These advantages help to offset the relatively high cost of the fuel as compared to other types of generators. The Dayliff range of portable petrol generators are specially designed for mains standby and remote site power supply applications. Particular features include:

  • Reliable and economical air-cooled overhead valve design, equipped with large size exhausts and air cleaners for low noise operation
  • High-efficiency square core alternators, providing increased power output and enabling the operation of sensitive electronic equipment
  • DC output for charging
  • An integrated control panel with a voltmeter for operational convenience
  • Fuse less type overcurrent protection

Diesel generators

Davis & Shirtliff supplies high-powered diesel generators that have been proven to be extremely efficient and cost-effective. Diesel is the most cost-effective fuel but there are other factors to consider as well.

They tend to be noisier than petrol generators and they emit some smoke, making them more suitable for use in industrial buildings.

The Kohler range of naturally aspirated four-stroke diesel engines is of proven and dependable design, using the latest technology to give exceptional levels of performance, economy and reliability.

Produced by one of the industry's largest manufacturers, they are suitable for a wide range of applications including pumps, maize mills, concrete mixers and dumpers. Engines are available in the following brands:

KD – This range is air-cooled and available in two or three-cylinder configurations for various power outputs.
Specifications include a cast iron crankcase for strength and durability and individual cylinder direct fuel injection for easy starting and mechanical governor.

Other features include electric starting with 12V starter motor and alternator, fuel lift pump, oil bath air cleaner, exhaust, panel board, engine mounted fuel tank and emergency rope start.

KDI – This model is a water-cooled four-cylinder design and features the latest engine technology including four valves per cylinder and a mechanical rotary fuel pump.

Specifications include a cast iron crankcase for strength and durability, individual cylinder direct fuel injection for easy starting and low fuel consumption, and an integral radiator with fan guard and a 12V electric starter system.

Engines are also supplied complete with panel board and wiring. The engines are stage IIIA emission compliant.

Electric generators

Davis & Shirtliff supplies electric generators suitable for water pumps. They also carry a full range of recreational, emergency and contractor portable generators. The company provides an unbiased review of different generator features and characteristics to help you select the correct product.

The advantage of having an electric generator is that it saves on fuel costs. The disadvantage is the dependence on electricity – a crucial factor in an area prone to power outages.

Induction motors

Dayliff TEFC squirrel cage induction motors are high-spec continuous-duty rated machines suitable for a wide variety of industrial, commercial and agricultural applications. A particular feature is their high operating efficiency with the specification meeting the demanding EFF2 standards.

Other features include Class F insulation, low noise and high starting torque. All aspects are fully compliant with IEC standards. Dayliff motors are also of extremely robust design, providing high levels of serviceability and reliability.

Specifications of Dayliff induction motors: Voltage: 1X240V, 1phase, 3X415V, 3 phase, 50Hz Insulation Class: F Enclosure Class: IP45 motor body, IP55 terminal box. Other brands include:-

  • Kohler
  • Lister Petter
  • Elemax

Solar and Renewable

Davis & Shirtliff is a leading renewable energy company, with a presence in Zambia and other African countries. Sourced from international manufacturers, their renewable energy products include solar panels, water heaters and pumps, wind generators, lighting, batteries, inverters and controllers.
Solar panels that convert sun’s energy into sustainable electricity
A wide range of solar geyser systems and tanks
Quality windmills that offer excellent power generation performance

The extensive product range offered by Davis & Shirtliff makes this company a natural choice for renewable energy systems, from domestic to industrial applications.

Water heaters

Davis & Shirtliff offers a wide range of solar geyser systems and tanks from some of the most well-known and respected brands in the solar power industry. The geysers and tanks come in different sizes to suit different levels of need.

Geysers use the latest solar technology in the manufacture of their solar water heaters, such as a unique polymer lining (PEX), which not only conserves heat and energy but also ensures that the system works maintenance-free whatever the quality of the water.

Solar modules

Davis & Shirtliff offers solar panels designed to efficiently convert the sun's energy into clean, sustainable electricity. Solar energy is not only sustainable, but it is also renewable, and there is absolutely no noise made from these photovoltaic panels as they convert sunlight into usable electricity.

There are continual advancements in solar panel technology which are increasing the efficiency and lowering the cost of production making it more cost-effective.

Inverters and backup systems

Davis & Shirtliff offers solar-power inverters and backup systems to provide a steady source of AC power (in modified sine waveform), suitable for home and office users.

All units feature 'smart start' for improved start-up performance, dynamic DC voltage regulation and improved reliability. Other features include comprehensive overload protection and auto re-start after overload tripping.

Solar pumps and controls

Some of the solar pumps and controls Davis & Shirtliff provides include Grundfos CR Flex specifically designed for water transfer, irrigation and pressure boosting in solar-powered applications.

It is fitted with the advanced MG Flex variable frequency driven motor that offers the following features:-

  • Can be used with DC or AC power supply and can, therefore, be powered by photovoltaic modules (solar panels), standby AC generators or main power supply as required
  • Utilises Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology that continuously optimises speed according to input power
  • Built-in protection for under and overvoltage and system overload. No additional protection is therefore required
  • One set of terminals included for either high or low-level control functions

Windmills and wind turbines

Davis & Shirtliff supplies quality windmills that offer excellent power generation performance and are the ideal solution for powering lighting, water pumping and telecommunications in remote places. Davis & Shirtliff's wind turbines are highly efficient and reliable.

Each one has a permanent magnetic alternator that gives reduced start-up torque and hence lowers wind velocity startup. High precision blades minimise noise and vibration.

The alternator housing is made from marine-grade aluminium for maximum corrosion resistance; a high specification AVR microprocessor controller ensures optimised performance.

Sundaya brand charge controllers, lights and accessories

Davis & Shirtliff supplies accessories manufactured by Sundaya. These include charge controllers and solar controllers for regulating the voltage and current output from solar panels.

Other renewable energy products stocked by David & Shirtliff

  • Ultrium lighting kits
  • DC accessories
  • Connectors
  • Cabling
  • Switches and sockets
  • Champion batteries
  • Steca fridges
  • Solar street lights

Water treatment and Sanitation

Davis & Shirtliff offers cost-effective water treatment solutions for domestic and commercial purposes, dealing with suspended solids, salinity, hardness, trace elements and bacteria. It works with world-renowned suppliers including Dow and So-Safe. It also supplies specialized chemicals for use in water treatment systems.
Top-selling range of water treatment equipment
Works with world-renowned suppliers
Manufactures its own Dayliff brand of materials

Davis & Shirtliff supplies a top-selling range of water treatment equipment to ensure drinking water is of the highest standard. These include domestic cartridge filters, potable water plants, ultra-violet disinfection units, media filters, softeners, chemical dosers, and reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration plants.

The company also supplies specialised chemicals for use in water treatment systems. Davis & Shirtliff's extensive water treatment expertise and specialised treatment equipment can provide a solution to even the most challenging of water treatment requirements.

Cartridges for domestic treatment units

The standard cartridge removes sediment and particles down to specified mesh size. The finely pored ceramic diatomaceous cartridge filter provides ultra-filtration for the removal of fine particles and is suitable for the removal of micro-organisms and bacteria.

Cartridges also uses specially formulated iodinated resin combined with granulated activated carbon for removal of tastes and odours.

Reverse osmosis systems

Reverse osmosis is an effective method of purifying water. Reverse osmosis is a process in which dissolved inorganic solids (such as salts) are removed from the water.

This is accomplished by household water pressure pushing the tap water through a semi-permeable membrane. The membrane allows only water to pass through, not impurities or contaminates.

Water treatment plants

Dayliff pure water treatment plants are specially designed for the production of pure water from natural sources for institutional and commercial food processing facilities and manufacturing facilities.

They eliminate most impurities including sediment and an unappetizing taste or unpleasing odour. Water treatment plants also eliminate bacteriological contamination, providing treated water of the highest consumption standard.

Filters and softeners

Water for drinking, for swimming pools and for certain industrial processes needs to be pure and 'soft'. But as water circulates through different layers of the earth and comes in contact with stones and other natural and artificial materials, it gets contaminated with various suspended and dissolved particles made of both organic and inorganic compounds.

The Dayliff CX filter range of industry specification filters have been specially developed for institutional and commercial applications where high levels of operating performance and reliability are demanded. Their design combines leading filter technology with many years of production experience.

Chemical dosage

Grundfos Alldos chemical dosage pumps are high specification products designed for dosing a wide range of chemicals for general water treatment and industrial process applications.

Air blowers

Mapro air blowers are high specification machines of the side-channel type fitted with centrifugal vane type impellers for applications that require consistent high airflow at medium pressures. The rotating parts are not in contact with the casing and the compressed air is contaminant free.

Other benefits include low noise levels, no vibration and pulsation-free discharge. The compressor is made from aluminium alloy for both the casing and the impellers, and units are close-coupled to flange-mounted electric motors.

Chemicals and media

GE Water is a world leader in the supply of specialised chemicals for various water treatment needs – boiler feed, cooling tower water conditioning, reverse osmosis applications, wastewater treatment and purification for consumption.

Davis & Shirtliff manufactures its own Dayliff brand of materials prepared specifically for use in media filters (such as sand, peat, foam, crushed glass and crushed granite).

Swimming pools

Davis & Shirtliff is well known in the region for its extensive range of high quality swimming pool equipment – from the company's own-brand Dayliff range of quality fibreglass products and chemicals to internationally sourced pumps, fittings, lights and accessories. Davis & Shirtliff has a qualified team that is always ready to help.
High flow pool pumps specially designed for large swimming pools
Offers swimming pool sanitisation solutions
Quality products carefully designed

Swimming pools are a great source of pleasure for young and old, especially in Zambia's warm climate. But they do require a substantial amount of planning and maintenance to ensure they look good, feel good and meet all relevant health and safety standards.

Swimming pool filters

The most important aspect of a pool's appearance is the quality of its water. The key to this is efficient filtration. Dayliff 'DX' filters are quality products carefully designed to combine high standards of performance with excellent reliability and ease of operation.

Suitable for both domestic and light institutional pool applications, they combine the latest filtration technology with nearly twenty years of production experience. Five models are available in different sizes, all with the following features:

  • Elegant moulded filter bodies of non-corroding fibreglass (GRP) construction for strength and indefinite life
  • Simple to use flange connected six-position multiport valves with union connections. The flange arrangement greatly simplifies installation and media replacement as well as providing a secure watertight seal
  • Specially designed internal collector laterals providing maximum filtration, backwashing efficiency and minimal media loss
  • High-grade silica sand media for high filtration performance

Swimming pool pumps

The Dayliff Aurel range of high flow pool pumps are specially designed for large swimming pools. Features include flanged connections and large suction side pre-filters that ensure high filtration capacity.

The integrated pre-filter is fitted with a transparent polycarbonate cover which has a secure easy-release four-stud clamp arrangement and a broad base for a stable mounting.

Pre-filter and pump body, pump base and cover are all made of fibreglass (GRP) reinforced polypropylene. The Noryl impeller guarantees resistance to corrosion and pool chemicals.

Motors for swimming pool pumps

Dayliff pumps are coupled to quiet TEFC (totally-enclosed, fan-cooled) asynchronous motors with external ventilation. Local regulations require the motor to be fitted with a remote direct on line (DOL) starter.


All swimming pools acquire algae and bacteria during use. For reasons of both hygiene and water quality, regular sanitisation is necessary.

As the best swimming pool sanitisation solution, to ensure a sparkling clean swimming pool, Davis & Shirtliff recommends saltwater chlorination (rather than using dry chlorine compounds).

Saltwater chlorinated water puts an end to sore, red eyes and smelly, itchy skin. Once this system is installed, you can simply switch on and forget about pool chlorination! Additionally, you save money as you do not have to buy chlorine. The unit will pay for itself in about a year.

Davey saltwater chlorinators are of exceptional design, with high flow, long life electrodes and a robust heavy-duty power supply. They provide many years of trouble-free operation. All models also feature reverse polarity self-cleaning cells.

With saltwater chlorination, salt (sodium chloride) is dissolved in the pool and then the pool water is passed through an electrolysis cell, producing chlorine gas.

Due to the very low quantities involved, it is totally safe and very effective as the gas being produced is of 100% concentration.

The electrolysis process also has the benefit of producing small quantities of ozone as a by-product which improves the sanitising effect.

A typical 100m pool requires about 400kgs of salt. After the initial dose, concentration levels need to be periodically topped up, though top up levels are small, usually in amounts of 50kgs.

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