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Debonairs Pizza Foxdale

Enjoy a choice of fresh hot pizzas, subs, side orders and drinks at the award-winning Debonairs Pizza, one of the leading pizza restaurants in Africa. Some of their mouth watering pizzas include meat, chicken, specialty and vegetarian. Debonairs also serve half and half pizzas, their rustic range includes bacon and mushroom, pepperoni pesto rustic, chicken avo rustic and cherry tomato pesto. The Foxdale outlet offers a delivery service to Roma, Olympia and surrounding areas.

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Debonairs Pizza has a creative menu that includes the Triple-Decker, Crammed-Crust, Pizza-Filla and more. They pride themselves on their direct marketing strategy aimed at building long term relationships with their loyal customers. Debonairs allows customers to order their favourite pizza from their cell phone or computer.

Debonairs Pizza menu items are low in cholesterol, containing less than 20mg of cholesterol for every 100g. They are the pioneers of the Hot or Not dot – if the dot is red, then the pizza is hot and fresh, if it's black, the pizza is free!

Vegetarian Pizzas include Original Veggie, 3 Cheese and Margherita. Their mouth watering speciaty pizzas are chicken triple-decker, meaty triple-decker, chicken-filla, chicken double-stack, meaty double-stack, chicken crammed-crust and the meaty crammed crust for the meaty lovers.

Enjoy their sub menu which include; Tikka chicken, chicken and mushroom, vegetarian, Something meaty, club, sweet and sour chicken and the yummy cheese and garlic.

Wash down the pizza with the thirst quenching, buddy, a variety of soft drinks, aqua monte and tru fruit.Pizza choices

  • Meat pizzas
  • Chicken pizzas
  • Vegetarian pizzas
  • Speciality pizzas
  • Rustic range
  • Half & half
  • Subs
  • Meals
  • Sides
  • Drinks
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