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Hamapula Farm, Mazabuka
Hamapula Farm, Lubombo Road, Mazabuka, Zambia
+260 965 989727
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Organic skincare

The range contains the purest natural (99.4 – 100%) and organic (some over 90%) ingredients. There are no silicons, mineral oils, artificial colours, SLS or harsh surfactants, PEGs, TEA, DEA, preservatives or synthetic fragrances. Essential Skincare is an accredited partner of PhytoTrade Africa, dedicated to the development of fair trade and environmentally sustainable natural products.
Natural and organic skincare range
Ingredients deliver maximum benefits to skin
Accredited partner of PhytoTrade Africa

By using the Essential Skincare range you are sustaining fair trade practices, supporting biodiversity and preservation, supporting real communities, not harming any animal and treating your skin to the best their is.

Combining their rich expertise in personal care product development and manufacturing, Essential Skincare provides products that truly benefit the skin without harsh and controversial chemicals in most commercial skincare products. They use Certified Organic Ingredients and no products, or their ingredients are tested on animals.

Sourcing of ingredients

Indigenous plants are sustainably harvested from the wild by African communities and processed into high-end active ingredients. By being a partner of PhytoTrade Africa, Essential Skincare provides support to poor rural communities and helps to preserve the biodiversity of Zambia and Southern Africa. The equitable trade in natural products has raised the standard of living of tens of thousands of people. Through buying PhytoTrade Africa’s ingredients, Essential Skincare products support women to send their kids to school, have access to healthcare, invest in local credit schemes or even build a house.

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Hamapula Farm, Mazabuka
Hamapula Farm, Lubombo Road, Mazabuka, Zambia
+260 965 989727

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