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Residential plots

In this sustainable residential housing development, Foxdale Forest encourages homeowners to use solar power, rain and grey water harvesting, build with local materials, recycle in the construction process, and consider the home orientation to reduce unnecessary heat penetration in summer, and heat loss in winter season.
A sustainable residential housing development
Plots range from 1,800 to 4,000 sqm in size
A safe, tranquil and sustainable living environment for you and your family

Foxdale Forest is committed to respecting the earth and atmosphere. Here, nature does the talking. Each plot or house will enjoy its own privacy created by nature, the result is that everywhere you go, green is the predominant colour. You will be surrounded by nature that is sure to refresh you daily.

Live sustainably and look after yourself; enjoy the enormous field, horse riding facilities, swimming pool for laps, the tennis court and the walking as well as cycling tracks around this sustainable housing development. You can also eat from your vegetable garden - keep it all organic and full of goodness.

Green homes at Foxdale Forest

Foxdale Forest offers plots with the ease and convenience of country-home living. You will find the perfect balance of natural splendour and exquisite living. Already landscaped by mother nature, you will find it easy to build your green home on the spacious site of your choosing.


  • Solar geyser- providing hot water
  • Rain water harvesting - collects water from the roof and stores in an underground tank
  • Local rosewood doors and windows - supporting the local construction jobs and manufacturing sector
  • Compost heap - kitchen and garden scraps are composted
  • Floors - made of recycled glass bottles by casting them into the terrazzo floors

Terms and conditions

  • Full upfront payment
  • 1 year - requires a 20% down payment and 12 equal installments
  • 2 years - requires 20% down payment and 24 equal installments and attracts a 10% interest
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Contact information

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Lusaka, Zambia
+26 0211 295793, +260 975 116755, +260 976 268230, +260 978 704252

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Lusaka, Zambia