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Mealie meal

FVG Milling is one of Zambia's leading industrial milling companies that specialise in the production of breakfast and roller mealie meal. Using state-of-the-art milling equipment, FVG is committed to supplying the highest quality mealie meal to its customers.
Manufacturers of nutritious breakfast and roller mealie meal
Wholesale prices on bulk orders
Company committed to supplying the highest quality mealie meal

FVG Milling is committed to producing the highest quality breakfast and roller mealie meal. To achieve this, the company has invested greatly in up-to-date milling equipment and technology to ensure that it provides its customers with mealie meal that is not only well-milled and packaged but also nutritious.

To avoid contamination and manual maize handling, FVG’s storage facilities are connected directly to their milling equipment. The company has also set strict food safety regulations to ensure it maintains the highest possible quality standards.

Stock feed

Stock feed with a well balanced nutritional composition plays a vital role in the health and welfare of livestock. This will enable them to grow to their full potential and sell at great prices to the benefit of a farmer. In order to help livestock farmers to thrive in their business, FVG Milling Company manufactures a wide selection of stock feeds for chickens and pigs.
A wide variety of stock feeds for chickens and pigs
Feed with high nutritional value
Healthy animals, great profits

For animals to grow well and reach their full potential, giving them feed with the highest quality nutrients and ingredients is key. To achieve this, farmers can rely on FVG for a large selection of high-performance stock feeds for poultry and pigs at competitive prices.

FVG’s knowledgeable team of animal nutritionists is always available and happy to help farmers choose the best feed for the animals as well as give advise on the best feeding methods. For any queries or concerns or any specific needs, customers can send this company an email in the enquiry box below.

Commodity buyers

Small and large scale farmers can sell their maize or soya beans to FVG Milling Company at great prices. Once a farmer supplies their grains and they pass the company's standards, payments are processed in the shortest time possible. FVG is committed to help farmers, especially those engaged in it on a small scale level to move to the next level - commercial farming.
Buyers of maize, soya beans and many other grains
Payments processed in the shortest time possible
Helping small scale farmers to become large scale farmers

Maize and soya beans markets are sometimes fragmented and unstable, especially for smallholder farmers. As a leading mealie meal and stock feed manufacturer, FVG constantly needs these grains in its production processes. Farmers can take advantage of this ready market and sell their products at favourable rates.

Having been in the milling industry for many years, FVG has the capacity to buy large volumes of maize and soya beans. Their team ensures that it always sources its grains directly from growers so that it supplies the highest quality mealie meal and stock feeds at the most competitive prices to its customers.

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Kabwe, Zambia
+260 215 222795, +260 975 888770, +260 977 874720

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