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Personal loans

Unexpected events happen and borrowing money is sometimes unavoidable. Gather Wealth Investment Company offers you a variety of secured personal loans at flexible and competitive interest rates in a timely manner. The company ensures that the highest standards of professional conduct are consistently reinforced and embedded in every corner of their organisation.
A variety of secured personal loans at flexible and competitive rates
With a car or house, you can get a loan designed just for you
Company maintains a strong commitment to ethical conduct

Do you need extra funds? Gather Wealth Investment Company is here to help. The company offers loan amounts and terms that are tailored to meet your budgeting needs. The amount of credit you can get is based on a percentage of the value of your asset - car or home. The more your collateral is worth, the larger the line of credit you can get.

Gather Wealth Investment Company knows that when you need a personal loan, you want competitive rates, fast turnaround on approvals, and a knowledgeable and responsive lender. For this reason, the company promises to make your lending and repayment process easy so you can get on with life.

Why choose Gather Wealth Investment Company?

  • Low interest rates - their rates go as low as 5%
  • Fast loans - company able to grant you a loan at least in 24hrs
  • Large amounts - up to 70% of the value be it your car, land or house

Mortgage loans

Are you planning on buying a house? You can get a mortgage from Gather Wealth Investment Company and become a property owner. Their team is committed to help you finance one of the most important assets in your life – your home. Get in touch and start your loan application process today.
Mortgage loan programmes that best fit your financial needs
A smooth and timely home loan process
Become a property owner and make your dream home a reality

Now that you have found the home of your dreams, Gather Wealth Investment Company is ready to match you with a loan that fits. Their in-house processing and superior communication mean you get an excellent service.

Gather Wealth Investment Company knows that a home is usually one of a person's largest assets, and that a mortgage represents a substantial financial obligation. Their team will help find the best loan for you, and is committed to making the home financing process as easy as possible.

Business financing

If you need to get new equipment, finance your accounts receivable or raise your working capital, Gather Wealth Investment Company can help you with financing. The company prides itself in finding thoughtful and strategic loan products to fit each of their clients' business financing needs.
Business financing to operate and expand
Your organisation’s financial future is in good hands
Thrive in a competitive environment

When running a business, there will be times when you find yourself in need of additional financing. This could be to afford payroll, upgrade equipment, or start an expansion project. If you are interested in receiving business financing, Gather Wealth Investment Company offers a selection of financing options.

Let Gather Wealth Investment Company lead your business on a path to financial growth with capital that will provide the necessary funding when you need it.

Foreign exchange

At Gather Wealth Investment Company, you can buy and sell a wide selection of foreign currencies including dollar, pound, euro, rand and more. The company is licensed by the Bank of Zambia and ensures that it operates prudentially and in accordance with sound business practices. You will get good exchange rates and transact in a secure environment.
Spot currency exchange transactions in all major currencies
Licensed by the Central Bank of Zambia
Good exchange rates

Buy and exchange foreign currency at competitive exchange rates at Gather Wealth Investment Company. Since its inception, this company has become one of the best companies offering foreign exchange services in Zambia. Their service is specifically geared to operate on a same-day basis 24/7.

Whether you want to change money before you go abroad or have just arrived and want to change your currency, Gather Wealth Investment Company has you covered. The company has built a solid reputation among its vast clientele of travelers and business people thanks to its reliability, timeliness and the courtesy of its staff. Get in-touch to learn about their exchange rates, as well as many other services offered.

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Kasangula Road, Lusaka
174 Kasangula Road, Roma, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 762 597777, +260 973 858888

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