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Consisting of two leading South African roofing brands - Brownbuilt Metal Sections and HH Robertson, Global Roofing Solutions is one of the largest metal roofing and accessories suppliers in Zambia. With a state of the art workshop based in South Africa, this company manufactures commercial and industrial steel roof covering and wall cladding profiles (concealed fix and pierced fix), composite steel floor decking profiles and lightweight coated metal roof tiles (Zip-tek, UNI-TILE™ and IBR).

Roofing materials

Global Roofing Solutions has established itself as a global manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of concealed fix roofing and pierced fix roofing and cladding profiles, as well as metal tiles. The roofing materials supplied by this company are available in various materials, colours and finishes.

Global Roofing Solutions' roofing materials come in a variety of coloured and textured finishes, such as embossing, Chromadek®, Clean COLORBOND™, COLORPLUS®, corrosion resistant Global-Duro™ and 100% Acrylic and Grit coatings.

Concealed fix roofing profiles

  • Klip-Lok 406™ - With unique double interlocking side laps, this is a very fast installing roof sheet. It is ideally suited to low roof pitches. The Klip-Lok 406™ concealed fix roofing profile is manufactured from certified high quality steel or special grade aluminium, making it lighter and stronger.

  • Klip-Lok 700™ - Similar to the Klip-Lok 406™ concealed fix roofing profile but wider, this sheet is even faster to install yielding greater savings. The Klip-Lok 700™ profile is perfectly suited to low roof pitches. It is also manufactured from certified high yield steel making it lighter and stronger.

  • Klip-Tite™ - This roofing profile is similar to the Klip-Lok 700™ sheet but with increased wind uplift resistance. The introduction of transverse stiffeners, in lieu of the traditional longitudinal pan stiffeners, form structural members spanning across the width of the pan. The deflection of the pan is thus reduced, increasing the wind uplift resistance of the sheet.

  • Zip-Tek 420 - Commonly known as a standing seam system, this is a unique concealed fix system with a sheet that can be tapered, as well as curved. It is also the only concealed system that can be reverse curved.

  • Zip-Tek 440 - Similar to the Zip-Tek 420 sheet but wider, this sheet incorporates transverse stiffener ribs. View Zip-Tek 440 product information for complete details.

  • Brownbuilt™ - Available upon request, this is a classic and well-known concealed fix sheeting system frequently used as underslung covers.

Pierced fix roofing and cladding profiles

  • IBR 686 -This profile has a trapezoidal flute design, giving it optimum strength, mass and loadspan characteristics compared to alternative profiles.

  • IBR 890 (Supa-clad) - A wide span trapezoidal profile, that provides the choice of wider cover and more effective installation, saving on purlins and labour.

  • Corrugated 10.5 - This profile has a tranquil appearance and is relatively light, easy to handle and provides an economical coverage per unit mass.

  • Nu-Rib™ - This profile effectively bridges the gap between corrugated and the standard IBR 686 box ribbed profile.

  • BR7 - Designed to provide a more effective use of aluminium with its span verses economics element. The BR7 profile can also be manufactured in steel.

Metal roof tiles

  • ARMA-TILE™ - This is a strong and attractive light weight pressed metal roof tile with either an acrylic grit finish or a natural stone coat finish. It simulates the well-known double Roman cement tile.

  • ARMA-SHAKE™ - With a pleasing wooden shake look, this tile is lightweight. It significantly reduces the quantity of timber required in the support structure and provides for easy installation. These tiles are low maintenance, durable, secure, tamper proof, water tight and impact resistant.

  • UNI-TILE™ - A cost effective new acrylic and grit coated metal tile. It is universally compatible with other popular metal tiles on the market. For this reason, this tile can not only be used for new roofs, but is also ideal for extensions and re-roofing projects.

Additional services

  • Design and consulting services - Apart from manufacturing and supplying of quality roofing profiles, Global Roofing Solutions professionally design and consult with clients. With vast experience, the company's team assists specifiers with product choice and technical advice and assist with roofing technical advice.

  • Bullnosing, cranking and curving - Global Roofing Solutions uses state-of-the-art machinery to provide accurate bullnosing, cranking and curving of the sheeting to meet the exact requirements of architects and specifiers. These details add to the aesthetics of many buildings countrywide.

  • On-site rolling - Global Roofing Solutions provides on-site rolling of concealed-fix roof sheeting profiles to eliminate the need for piercing the roof sheets, thereby dramatically reducing the probability of roof leakage. The company ensures that it supplies the profiles in continuous lengths. For this reason, no end lapping is required and the possibility of leakage is further eliminated. Long length sheets can be rolled on site using Global Roofing Solutions' mobile mills. The mills in their GRS fleet are the most sophisticated of their kind in Africa.

  • Embossing - This is a unique stucco pattern, rolled into a metal substrate to enhance the final product. Global Roofing Solutions has been manufacturing metal roofing and flooring materials in this way for many years. Independent studies have proven that embossed material has a 20% higher yield strength than plain material for steel.
Roofing materials
Global Roofing Solutions Zambia Ltd · Roofing materials

Building materials

Helm Engineering, a Global Roofing Solutions subsidiary, manufactures ventilators, louvres, flashings and industrial rainwater goods. A variety of permanent formwork systems are made by Global Roofing Solutions. The company ensures that it manufactures and supplies products that meet world class standards.

Ventilators, louvres, flashings and industrial rainwater goods can be manufactured from galvanised, zincalume, zincal, aluminium, stainless steel or pre-painted material. An embossed finish is also available on request.


Through Helm Engineering, Global Roofing Solutions supplies natural and smoke ventilators.

Natural ventilators

  • Ridge and slope ventilators -These ventilators are natural extract roof mounted units. They ensure optimal extraction under all weather conditions being so designed that all rain is effectively drained. Ridge and slope ventilators are suitable for the general ventilation of all industrial buildings. They are particularly useful in industries where continuous extraction of plant and solar heat is required. The ventilators are available in sections up to 2450mm long. However, larger throat openings are available on request.

  • Super ventilators - These units are consistent natural smoke and heat exhaust units which are manufactured to be installed onto large scale industrial buildings such as glassworks, boiler houses, steel and aluminium smelters to release products of combustion, smoke and steam.

Smoke ventilators

  • Automatic release ventilators -Designed to automatically provide their maximum exhaust area under fire conditions, whilst providing a fully weathered unit in their normally closed position. The units can also be used as natural ventilators but must then be incorporated with automatic closing devices (rain detectors).

  • Multi-purpose ventilators - They can be manually operated to provide natural ventilation as and when required. Multi-purpose ventilators will open automatically in an emergency to expel smoke and fumes, as well as flames.


Helm Engineering manufactures standard and custom made louvres that are designed to operate in conjunction with either mechanically powered or natural ventilators to replace hot stale air. Fixed louvres provide permanent ventilation, whereas adjustable louvres can be set to deliver variable amounts of air depending on the day to day climatic conditions.


These are thin pieces of waterproof material installed to prevent the passage of water into a structure from a joint. They are designed for all roofing profiles in different thicknesses, materials and finishes. Special configurations of flashings can be manufactured to a client's specifications within certain limitations.

Industrial rainwater goods

Standard and custom made industrial rainwater goods include gutters, downpipes and accessories, all designed and manufactured to suit a client's specific project needs.

Permanent formworks

  • Bond-Lok™ - This a permanent formwork or shuttering which, with concrete, acts as a composite floor slab, and has an attractive flat ceiling on the underside. The Bond-Lok™ system significantly reduces the number of props utilised and eliminates the need for reinforcing steel. Installation is extremely quick, for a further saving in labour cost.

  • Bond-Dek™ - Similar to the Bond-Lok™, this system is able to span 3m unsupported under wet concrete thus saving on props. Installation is extremely quick, for a further saving in labour cost.

QC Flooring™ - This is a composite steel and concrete slab system with a neat ceiling, pre-painted or ready for painting. The QC Flooring™ system provides added flexibility in that the cover width may be customised to suit the floor design.

Building materials
Global Roofing Solutions Zambia Ltd · Building materials
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