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GraceChem Pharmacy Foxdale

GraceChem Pharmacy offers a wide range of quality medicines and health care products that make their clients stay healthy and feel good. Their pharmacy offers a huge inventory of products including pain, cold and allergy medication, vitamins, oral health, feminine hygiene, first aid items, cosmetics, infant care, hair care, shower and bath items. Clients that visit this pharmacy are helped by experienced and knowledgeable staff that listen to their personal needs and find a way to help.
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Zambezi Road, Lusaka
Suite G05 Zambezi Road, Roma, Lusaka, Zambia
Open today: 08:00-20:00
+260 974 874685


GraceChem Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy that offers a wide-selection of quality medicines and health care products. Their experienced team of pharmacists is always ready to provide guidance and support on health care requirements. GraceChem offers a personalised service that clients can rely on.

GraceChem offers a wide variety of products and services to support their clients' health, well-being and beauty needs. The pharmacy helps clients understand why they have been prescribed a particular drug, or what they need to know about the medicine they are taking.

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