Freight and forwarding

JPSM Innovations provides exceptional clearing and forwarding solutions to its customers of various industries. The company is committed to transporting goods safely, proficiently and economically. JPSM Innovations appropriately customises each customer's needs to ensure that it offers the best solutions.
  • Complete clearing and forwarding Solutions.
  • Services offered at all Zambian borders and ports
  • Quality services at competitive prices
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JPSM Innovations has developed to be one of the leading freight and forwarding companies in Zambia. With immense hands-on experience and knowledge, this company promises to deliver a professional service, as well as smooth movement and handling of its customer's cargo at all times. Once a shipment has been booked, this company closely monitors each and every stage to ensure that its customers are fully aware of the exact status of their consignment. JPSM Innovations will always give advice even when a customer has not asked for it because it believes feedback is the only effective and efficient means of assessing its performance. The company is constantly working hard to find the most reliable and cost effective solution for it customers. JPSM Innovations has the capacity to satisfy the most demanding of customer needs. No matter the volume – large or small, JPSM assures its customers the best service.

Haulage and Logistics

With a wide range of vehicles, JPSM Innovations offers world class haulage and logistics services that are designed to meet its customers' transportation needs within and across Zambia's borders. The company provides a professional and personalised service, and is committed to collect and deliver consignments on time, every time.
  • World class haulage and logistics services
  • Wide range of vehicles and equipment to meet various needs
  • Transportation within and across all Zambian borders
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JPSM Innovations has acquired a wide array of vehicles and equipment to meet various transportation needs. The company's logistics department is available to make arrangements with approved partner carriers to help it meet any other requirements. Their team of dispatchers has vast experience in the transportation industry and possesses first-hand knowledge in the loading and handling of a diverse range of goods. Since establishment, JPSM Innovations has been working closely with its customers to help determine the safest and most cost effective way to transport their goods, while providing their expertise where necessary.

Import and export

JPSM Innovations specialises in the export and import of goods world wide at competitive rates. Their experienced team will assist and provide you with reliable, transparent, and personalized service, covering every detail of shipping your goods around the world.
  • All import and export fees and taxes carefully calculated
  • Navigate the regulations governing all aspects of the import / export process
  • Professional team has years of experience and ensures your goods sail smoothly
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JPSM Innovations also offers services such import/export permit applications, phytosanitary certificate applications, MOH health clearance applications and many other statutory required documents for imports and exports on request by clients.

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180 Luanshya Road, Oaktree Park, Lusaka, Zambia
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+260 968 114382, +260 977 881445, +260 979 782000
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