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Wright Line Logistics Investments can handle your shipment – regardless of size, origin or destination. The company utilises its wide network of transportation solutions to move your cargo across the country or across the world, streamlining your supply chain operations. Their superior freight forwarding solutions are tailored to meet your unique transport needs.
Not only focused on transporting cargo, Stabo Air also offers professional freight and forwarding services. Their team of clearing agents has vast experience in the industry and understands the importance of logistics and freight transport better than anyone else. They will give you regular status reports to keep you up to date on the status of your cargo.
With bases at Lusaka, Ndola and Livingstone airports, NAC2000 currently handles air cargo for Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and South African Airlines. In addition, it has a presence at all the main borders, providing efficient customs clearing services for road cargo entering and exiting Zambia.
Through their partner network, Jekman provides international air/ocean shipping as well as warehousing services. Your cargo will be shipped by carefully selected DPS March certified transport companies ensuring timely and safe delivery from the loading point to delivery.
Cape Cathy provides reliable and quality services in customs and clearing to suit the varying needs of clients. It has a professional team of export agents to assist its customers in all aspects of international freight, documentation and processing. The company is able to provide a tariff that will suit you conveniently.
Elbaliz Holdings specialise in air, road, sea freight services along with customs clearing. With a unique approach, this company offers competitive pricing, fast and reliable transit times, as well as cost saving opportunities. Elbaliz Holdings strives to understand your needs in order to provide professional freight forwarding services.
Lechwe Express Logistics provides freight management services in an efficient and timely manner. The company offers customs clearing, forwarding and shipping by air, land, rail and sea, with goods transported economically and reaching destination points for just in time delivery.
Stuttafords Zambia provides a personalised service to all of their clients on the customs clearance and delivery of cargo. The company is well aware of the customs rules and regulations which ensures clearance on account of pro-active analysis. Stuttafords also take care of full documentation and record maintenance throughout the clearance process.
JPSM Innovations provides exceptional clearing and forwarding solutions to its customers of various industries. The company is committed to transporting goods safely, proficiently and economically. JPSM Innovations appropriately customises each customer's needs to ensure that it offers the best solutions.
With a diverse partner network, Flight One Aviation Zambia (FOAZ) ensures prompt delivery of time-sensitive air shipments across the globe. The company coordinates all aspects of the process on a customer’s behalf, including compliance with rules and regulations and country-specific documentation.
Sinok Logistics handles multi-modal consolidations, air express consignments, courier shipments, general freighting and custom formalities. Every consignment is treated with care irrespective of its content. The company also provides warehousing facilities ensuring that all goods are protected whilst in storage.
Dawn Logistics provides expert customs clearing and forwarding solutions, including port clearance - at Dar-es-Salaam - cargo and motor vehicle delivery, motor vehicle importation and 'removal in transit'. Secure parking and car wash services at Nakonde border are also offered.

Freight and forwarding in Zambia

Companies in Zambia that organise the movement of cargo, often to or from an international destination are listed in this category. They also typically act as agents for their clients, ‘clearing’ their goods for import or export through customs, a complex operation involving document preparation and submission, and calculation and payment of taxes and duties. Freight forwarding is a service industry in Zambia involves moving goods from around the world into and out of Zambia on behalf of importers and exporters. Freight forwarders specialise in moving cargo. They also arrange customs clearance of goods, maintain all documentation, oversee cargo packing and will at times deal with the movement of dangerous goods.