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Livingstone's Adventure is a one-stop tourist adventure destination and booking facility for activities and things to do in Livingstone. Experience Zambia's abundant wildlife and scenic views, and choose from river rafting, jet boat rides, river cruises and safaris, canoeing, helicopter and microlight flights, quad bikes, horse-riding and horse-drawn carriage rides. Livingstone is considered the tourist capital of Zambia, but it has also become the region's adventure capital. A wide variety of world-class activities are on offer.
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A wide variety of world-class activities are on offer; from canoeing down the mighty Zambezi, the thrill of microlight flights and helicopter flights over the falls, river rafting and luxury cruises. Livingstone's Adventure offer activities ranging from the serene to the extreme for the discerning traveller.

Activities range from the serene to the extreme, with prices from US $10.00 to US $2 200 per person. Combination packages bring you the most popular activities Livingstone has to offer with a convenient one stop booking facility – the most affordable way to experience them all! With high quality products, an excellent safety record and a niche market, Livingstone's Adventure offers the discerning traveller the very best Livingstone has to offer.

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