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Investment in innovative new technology has put this company ahead of its larger multi-national competitors, with regards to Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS). With an innovative leadership and committed employees, Paratus Telecom is able to capably manage its services and global network.
Wireless broadband
Monitoring bandwidth usage effectively
Multi-protocol label switching

Paratus Zambia was issued with a Service Provider License by the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) in 2011. Paratus Telecom provides exceptional communication service to the corporate sector of the Zambian market.

The rebrand

Paratus Telecom started life as Internet Technologies. In 2014, the company rebranded itself as Paratus Telecom. This rebrand reflects the widening of its products and services portfolio from internet service provision to all major aspects of telecommunications, IT networking and data security. View the Paratus Telecom launch video. Paratus Telecom telecommunications products:-

Wireless broadband

Paratus Telecom's broadband access provides high speed, always-on connection allowing users to browse the Internet and receive e-mails at their convenience.

VSAT solutions

VSAT Solutions still plays a pertinent role in Africa, especially where terrestrial fibre copper still is not available. The Paratus Telecom sales team welcomes any enquiries with regards to their VSAT solutions.

Monitoring bandwidth usage effectively

Paratus Telecom is proud to announce a new product offering that allows effective monitoring of bandwidth usage. This Intelligent IP product monitors routing devices and graphs traffic accordingly.

Multi-protocol label switching

An MPLS Virtual Private Network uses Leased Line technology and does not require Internet bandwidth to transmit data traffic, driving down the overall cost of distributed networks. This makes it ideal for geographically spread corporate, government, educational and other institutions.

Paratus Telecom product information

  • VSAT solutions

Networking and Security

Paratus Telecom specialises in planning, design, implementation and maintenance of a wide selection of networks. The company provides efficient computer network maintenance and installations as well as cloud solutions. to private and public organisations.
Highly skilled engineers
Covers a variety of computer networks, both public and private
Delivers high performance, reliable networking solutions

Local area network LAN Tailor made solutions

Paratus can tailor make LAN solutions specific to your requirements and office / building layout. The company offers Molex structured cabling solutions ranging from cat 5e to cat 7 or even fiber if required. They offer a 25 year warranty on their Molex installations.

Hosted services

With state of the art technology and highly skilled engineers, Paratus Hosted Services provide public, private and hybrid cloud solutions with guaranteed availability based on robust data centre and connectivity infrastructure. Paratus Hosted Services remove big upfront costs and enables your IT costs to scale as you grow, saving you money and eliminating financial risks.

On-premise infrastructure involves complexity, risk and hidden expenses. Hosting IT services with Paratus allows you to focus on your business, while they deal with the complexities of IT infrastructure. Together with Paratus WAN and Internet services, they are the go-to partner building custom, efficient IT solutions with flexibility unmatched in the market, allowing you to benefit from an effective solution tailored to your business requirements.


  • Hosted Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
  • Hosted Firewall
  • Fortinet Advanced Reporting
  • Paratus Online Backup Service (OBS)
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS - Veeam)
  • Backup as a Service (BaaS - Veeam)
  • Hosted RackSpace
  • DNS Domain Hosting
  • Website hosting

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