Rainlands has partnered with WeForest, a non profit Belgian based NGO, and engaged the estimated 1000 small scale farmers in the Kamfinsa catchment area and Luanshya district to try and reestablish the diminishing tree mass.
Land reclamation and water/effluent purification
Outreach and training programmes related to sustainable agriculture and reforestation
Alternatives to charcoal

Running parallel to tree planting projects, Rainlands and WeForest are involving farmers in Assisted Natural Regeneration practices (ANR). ANR is simply the human protection and preservation of natural tree seedlings in forested areas.

Rainlands runs training workshops for the small scale farmers engaged in these projects. Content includes the sustainable harvesting of timber without chopping trees, use of wood chips for mulching and cooking fuel, agroforestry and sustainable farming practices.

Tree mass progression is monitored with satellite images. The model incorporates incentives by assisting farmers to establish agroforestry enterprises such as honey production and fruit orchards.

Rainlands has experience in the construction of industrial water purification systems using natural filtration. Additionally, design and installation of water features and natural swimming pools is a feature of their expertise.


Rainlands Nursery is open everyday Tuesday – Sunday, 9am – 5pm and most public holidays. The nursery offers a wide variety of garden plants, vegetable seedlings, tree seedlings as well as landscaping services.
Garden plants, indigenous and plantation tree seedlings, veg seedlings, grafted fruit trees
Landscaping services as well as water feature design and installation
Nursery caters for capacity buying - 50% off for large plant orders

Garden plants

For orders worth K1000 or more we offer 50% discount off selected plants ( which covers most items except trees and some of the slower reproducing plants)

Tree seedlings

Rainlands nursery has the capacity to produce a million seedlings a year. Pine, eucalyptus and/or indigenous tree seedlings for plantation stock. Techniques are professional and very cost effective. Large orders need to be placed in advance. Rainlands also stocks young trees 3-5 years in age.

Veg seedlings

For large orders please phone 0965 803124. Note that a 50% deposit is required for orders.

Grafted fruit trees

Avocadoes, citrus, mango, litchi

Landscaping Services

Landscaping services for 200m2 and above

Basic coffee shop

Rainlands runs a very basic coffee shop serving quality coffee, tea, fresh scones/muffins and cold drinks for its nursery customers.


Open Monday to Friday 7am – 5pm. Rainlands Timber supplies only value added timber products. It has kilning facilities and is certified to treat and dry timber for export.
As MiTek agents, Rainlands manufacture and install software engineered roof trusses
Furniture – soft and hardwood, internal finishings - skirting, cornice, cover strip
Cost effective pallets and beehives made from recovery timber

MiTek roof trusses

Licensed fabricators for MiTek trusses

Design and manufacture of roof trusses to MiTek, SA engineering standards using latest computer design technology.

MiTek are considered the leading roof truss system supplier in South Africa and the world. They have been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management Certification.

Rainlands Timber offers installation anywhere in Zambia delivery to site including all bracing timber, purlins and fastenings.

Mitek trusses save money – costs are known in advance. Site erection time minimised and losses from job site material shortages and pilferage eliminated. Email us your plans for a quote, giving external wall dimensions pitch, overhang, roof material and roof type ie gable, hip, parapet.

Internal Finishings

Cornice, skirting, cover strip


Pine/eucalyptus pallets made to order. Very competitive prices as timber material is sourced inhouse from sawmill recovery.


Top bar beehives assembled or in kit form. Rainlands is able to produce cost effective beehives using recovery timber.


Rainlands produces a range of furniture in pine/aged pine as well as hard woods such as – teak, rose wood, mukwa and eucalyptus


Numerous brands of sawblades and spares for band and circular saws

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On the main Ndola Kitwe highway, 15 km south of Kitwe, 40 km north of Ndola
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+260 969 199274, +260 965 803124

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