RwandAir in Zambia offers flights to 26 cities in Western, Central, Eastern and Southern Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Maintaining the highest frequency of departures to and from Zambia, RwandAir delivers an exceptional service with a focus on those who have the greatest demand for travel. RwandAir in Zambia believes travel should be for everyone.
A young and well-maintained fleet
Flights - Western, Central, Eastern and Southern Africa, Middle East, Asia and Europe
Aircrafts equipped with the latest technology for safety, comfort and entertainment

Whether business or pleasure, RwandAir in Zambia is a perfect choice for travel. This airline continuously reviews its network, adding destinations to reflect the travel preferences of its customers.

RwandAir is committed to flying its passengers with safety and providing services of high standards across all travel stages, through an extensive network of destinations.

This airline offers affordable fares that are tailored to enable people to travel more often, visit new places, connect with family and loved ones and develop business opportunities.

More about RwandAir

Previously, RwandAir started flights from Kigali to Mumbai, Harare, London (Gatwick) and Brussels as well as Dakar from its second hub in Cotonou. RwandAir also introduced flights to Abidjan, Libreville and Brazzaville from its Cotonou hub. In April, 2018 RwandAir started flights to Abuja in Nigeria and Cape Town has joined its network effective 16th May, 2018. RwandAir will start flights to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia in April 2019 while Guangzhou and Tel Aviv will also be added to their expanding network. RwandAir also plans to enter the American market with flights to New York.

Air cargo

RwandAir in Zambia provides reliable on time air cargo services. Types of cargo include general goods, special handling, perishable goods, human remains, valuable goods, live animals and dangerous goods. Rates are very competitive and their service is excellent. Your cargo will be kept safe and handled with utmost care.
Safe and reliable on time air cargo services
Customers can track their cargo
Cargo handled with care

Types of cargo

General goods

Shipments of durable goods that do not require special treatment such as shoes, textiles, and spare parts, among others. For loads that require special treatment, RwandAir in Zambia offers solutions according to a customer’s needs.

Special handling

Applies for articles that may break or be damaged upon being transported because of their characteristics, form, or packaging. This type of cargo has to be properly packed with materials that protect, particularly with a cushioning material. Articles that fall in this category include but not limited to computers, dishes/plates, cellular telephones, TVs, ceramics and crystal.

Perishable goods

Goods that are likely to spoil if not kept refrigerated such as fruits, flowers, vegetables, meats, eggs, medicines and fish.

Human remains

For customers that have lost a loved one, RwandAir is able to transport the human remains. Customers can be assured that the departed person will be given the highest quality of service on the journey to their final resting place.

Bodies must be embalmed and packed in this order: a zinc or iron metal box (hermetic), absorbent material, a wooden box (casket), cardboard, and finally a wooden crate with handles. Maximum dimensions: Length=190cm, width=80 cm, height=70 cm.

Valuable goods

Includes gold, platinum, bank notes, securities, and many more. For the transport of valuable goods, government authorisation and regulations, commercial agreements and procedures must be agreed upon before transport.

Live animals

RwandAir accepts animals as air cargo. The airline seeks to help its clients to overcome the complexities of international live animal movements by providing specialised facilities and vets to help simplify the entire journey. Their team is committed to providing a smooth and comfortable flight.

Dangerous goods

Articles or substances that may pose risks to human health, safety, security, property, or the environment. Apart from radioactive materials, this airline will transport dangerous goods substances in accordance with IATA regulations acceptable on the passenger aircraft. Arrangements must be done before uplift.

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