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20/1504 Mungulube Road, Northmead, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 229758, +260 955 781099, +260 977 772290
Open today: 07:30-16:30
PO Box 360389, Kafue, Zambia
Phocos PICO Solar LED Lamp
Keep the Light on.The Pico Lamp can continue shining for up to 55 hours on one charge. You can choose between 60,100 and 120 lm light levels.
Phocos Charge Regulator - CML 5A – 20A
Phocos Charge Regulators - CXNup Series (10-40A)
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Solar and Renewable in Lusaka, Zambia

The professional team at Solar Suntech are available to guide you through the process of assessing your renewable energy needs, supplying and installing the right components, and providing after sales support and maintenance. Other services include project identification and evaluation.
  • Established in 1993 and licensed by the Energy Regulation Board
  • solar modules, inverters/chargers, batteries, charge regulators and more
  • Solar hot water systems, solar pumps and solar fridges
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d.light S20: The Family Lantern
The Family Lantern: The d.light S30 solar lantern is built for the whole family to enjoy together. The S30’s unique conical shape reflects light into every corner of a room. Whether lighting up your home or providing light when walking at night, the S30 provides an affordable, portable lighting solution. Brighten up your home with the d.light S30.
d.light S300: Mobile Charging + Light
The d.light S300 solar-powered lantern ensures that your mobile battery never runs out, while also illuminating your home or business. The USB-enabled lantern comes with mobile phone battery chargers­. The unique, angled lens of the S500 reflects light at a wide angle, allowing it to light up an entire room. The sturdy, rugged design of the S300 ensures that you have a fully charged mobile, whenever you need it.
Kyocera KD95SX-1P solar module
The intergrated Kyocera high performance solar cell with a standard size of 156 mm x 156 mm achieve over 16% effiency, guaranteeing an extremely higha nnual yield of energy from the photvolativ system
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Power generation in Lusaka, Zambia

Solar Suntech inverters have built-in chargers so when ZESCO power is available the inverter acts as a battery charger. When a power cut occurs, the inverter immediately takes over, supplying 230 volts from the batteries. Solar Suntech has the technical knowledge to advise what power back-up systems will suit your needs.
  • Power back-up systems specialists
  • Free professional assessment of your power back-up needs
  • Quality brands of inverters, batteries and charge regulators
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Enertec 105AH 12V Deep Cycle Battery
A deep-cycle battery is a lead-acid battery designed to be regularly deeply discharged using most of its capacity.
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20/1504 Mungulube Road, Northmead, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 211 229758, +260 955 781099, +260 977 772290
Open today: 07:30-16:30
PO Box 360389, Kafue, Zambia

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