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Solwezi Today Magazine

This magazine was crowned the best corporate publication by the Zambia Public Relations Association (ZAPRA) for 2015 and 2016. It is a highly regarded publication which holds an important position in the media industry. Solwezi Today is a business magazine which highlights developments and trends in business and commerce in North-western Zambia and other towns throughout Zambia. All advertising materials must be supplied in PDF format with high-resolution images embedded.
Contact details
Solwezi Today Magazine has not updated their information in over a year and these details might be out of date.
Kabelenga Road, Lusaka
Suite 15 Kabelenga Road, Felopater House, Lusaka, Zambia
Open today: 08:00-17:00
+260 211 235267, +260 977 820 888
PO Box 38617 Lusaka, Zambia

Books and magazines

Solwezi Today Magazine is published monthly and focuses on the developments that have taken place and the potential in North-western Zambia and other towns throughout the country. Articles cover the mining industry, hospitality, business, banking, tourism, health, small and medium business enterprises, among others.

Solwezi Today is purely a business magazine and does not engage in the publication of political news of any nature. The team of specialised writers and advertising executives ensure that they uphold maximum professionalism as they cover diverse topics within their clients' spectrum of activities.

Facts and demographics

The following briefly form the demographics of Solwezi Today magazines:

  • 60 percent are male readers
  • 40 percent are female readers
  • 70 percent are aged between 18 and 49
  • 60 percent of the magazines are taken off the selected domestic planes and from hotel rooms

The publication draws its clientele from all business sectors in North-Western Province, Copperbelt Province and other regions in Zambia, Solwezi Today is a business news magazine which is used as a platform for investors and businesses in Solwezi, other towns in North-Western Province as well as in other towns across Zambia to showcase their business activities in their fields. The mission of Solwezi Today is to promote the concept of community in North-Western Province which also extends to other provinces.

Solwezi Today Magazine · Books and magazines

Multimedia and Advertising

Solwezi Today Magazine design and produce a variety of publications. All the covers for Solwezi Today magazine are printed on 300gsm art glossy and inside text on 170gsm art glossy. Their team have experience that spans all of the skills necessary for producing fine publications.

This news magazine is distributed free of cost to all clients that have advertised in Solwezi Today. However, the publishers also distribute copies freely to hotels and lodges in Solwezi, all towns on the Copperbelt, and in Lusaka and Livingstone. Other recipients of free copies of Solwezi Today are the the Zambia Development Agency, Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development, Ministry of Tourism and Environment and Embassies in Lusaka. Solwezi Today shall not be held liable for any shortfalls or misrepresentations in the final material after print. Images and logos shall be colour formatted to CMYK and clients should ensure all proofs are in colour and of the highest quality.

Size design specification are as follows:

Full Page: 210 X 297mm

Half Page: 210 x 148mm

Quarter Page: 105 x 148mm

Their circulation covers all places of work including government, corporate world, community development arena, Zambian missions abroad, foreign missions and homes in Zambia. This alone makes it possible for your business undertaking to preposition at various levels and in numerous spheres.

Advertising terms and condition

Advertisements are accepted for publication in both magazines subject to the following terms and conditions:

1) Solwezi Today Magazine reserve the right to withhold or cancel publication of any advertisement order submitted by a client. They shall not be held liable for any loss that might arise from failure to public, omission, or for any typographical errors or mistake of any kind.

2) They will take maximum precaution to ensure the correct printing and insertion of all advertisements. However, no liability will be accepted for any colour matching or content errors that may occur, as a result of the client's failure to cross-check materials. All advertising materials shall be stored for a maximum of 12 months.

3) Telephonic instructions must always be confirmed in wiring. The stipulated booking deadlines for editorial and advertising insertions also serve as cancellation deadlines. A cancellation fee of 50 percent of the advertising rate will be charged for cancellations received after the cancellation deadlines.

4) No changes to advertisements will be accepted once production of This is Zambia magazine has commenced. Likewise, no extensions will be granted for delivery of material. If material arrives after the stipulated deadline and too late for inclusion in any of the magazines, the full rate will be charged.

5) Solwezi Today Magazine will not provide advertising in the magazines to be used for attacking or making adverse contrasts with other individual or institutional advertisers.

6) Solwezi Today Magazine reserve the right to edit, revise or reject, even after acceptance for publication, any advertisement they find untruthful, misleading or unsuitable for any other reason.

7) Management will not accept any advertisement or similar content of a political nature.

8) When new advertising rates are announced, contract advertisers can maintain their contract rates for 60 calendar days after the announcement of the new rates. Thereafter, the balance of the order will be subject to the new rate. The advertiser may cancel the contract on the day the new or higher rate becomes effective by providing management with 14 calendar days' notice, unless a rate increase has been stipulated in the contract.

9) Accounts will be rendered monthly and payable within 30 days from the statement date. Outstanding amounts will be charged interest at the prime rate stipulated by the publisher's bankers. Should the publisher incur collection costs, these will be for the advertiser's account. Payment that is received from agencies later than 45 days from the statement date will not qualify for the 16.5 percent agency settlement discount.

10) All advertisement material is subject to the approval of the publisher. The publisher cannot be held responsible in any manner whatsoever for liabilities, claims, demands, actions, costs, losses and damages that occur as a result of the publication of an advertisement.

11) Advertorials ad promotional pages must comply with the magazines' house style, design and editorial or procedural rules. The words 'Promotion' or 'Advertisement' may be placed above or below advertorials.

12) The publisher reserves the right to reject any creative material that resembles the design, layout and editorial style of the magazine.

13) The placing of an order or contract, either in writing or telephonically, qualifies as acceptance of the terms and conditions above.

14) Any conditions stipulated in an advertiser's order form are considered void insofar as they conflict with the terms and conditions above. Material deadlines for 2017

Solwezi Today Magazine · Multimedia and Advertising