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Established in 2005, Steel King wholesales and distributes a wide range of quality steel products to individuals and retailers at affordable prices. The company's goal is to satisfy its customers with superior quality steel as well as exceptional customer service. Steel King has a team of well-trained staff with extensive knowledge of the steel industry. The company is able to source any steel products that are not in stock, within an agreed amount of time and budget.
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Steel King wholesales and retails their steel products for commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Their warehouses offer a wide range of prefabricated steel products including deformed bars, angle iron, mild steel plates, conforce wires, chequer plates, galvanized pipes, wire nails, IPE sections and many more.

With two warehouses in Lusaka, Steel King has a storage capacity of over 2000 metric tons, the company stocks high quality long and flat steel products that are distributed across Zambia. It sources all its steel products from renowned and reliable suppliers from South Africa and local steel mill plants. All products sourced are certified by ISO (International Organization for Standardisation).

Steel King is a family owned business based in Lusaka. Over the years, this company has built a strong reputation for being able to provide high quality products with fast delivery times to meet the needs of its customers. Their expert team of staff are able to offer a measurement service if a customer does not know how much steel the require for their project.

Steel King supplies the following products

  • 16mm deformed bar – 12mts (R.S.A grade)
  • Y 12mm deformed bar – 12mts (local grade)
  • 50x50x5mm angle iron – 6mts
  • 70x70x5mm angle iron- 6mts
  • Y 12mm deformed bars – 12mts (R.S.A grade)
  • 60x60x5mm angle iron
  • Y 20 deformed bars – 12mts (RSA grade)
  • 60x60x5mm angle iron
  • Conforce coils 86-50mts
  • IPE Section AA – 100x 56×6.72 kg/m x13mts
  • IPE section AA- 160x82x12.31 x13mts
  • Galvanised pipes x 6mts
  • Galvanised sheets and coils
  • Wire nails 2'' 3'' 4'' 5'' 6''
  • 2500x 1200x 12mm mild steel plates
  • 2500x 1200x 5mm mild steel plates
  • Steel U channels 76 x 36 x 6mts
  • U beams and columns
  • Window sections
  • Taper U channels light
  • Square, rectangular and round tubing
  • Lipped channels
  • Borehole casings
  • Flat bars
  • Binding wire
  • Cold rolled sheets
  • Hot rolled plates
  • Reinforcement bars

The company also deals in general hardware items and electrical supplies for building projects

Steel king Ltd clientele

  • Datong Construction
  • Californian Beverages
  • Good Time Steel
  • Chisteel
  • Dangote Cement
  • Lafarge Cement
  • Belgravia Services Limited
  • Simba Milling
  • Zambeef Products Plc

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