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Established in 1996, this company supplies a full range of pumping systems and tools to mining and related industries, as well as the agriculture and commercial sector. Tri-Pump's rental division offers solutions to various dewatering needs. The company provides technical support, training, spare parts, and servicing of its vast range of quality products either on site or in one of their up-to-date facilities. This company provides unrivalled expertise with global experience delivered locally.
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Specialised pumps

Tri-Pump and Engineering is a major supplier of established and trusted global brands of pumping systems and accessories to various industries in Zambia and the rest of the African continent. Whether it is a question of water, wastewater, or industrial fluids, this company guarantees to provide the best equipment for the job.

Tri-Pump and Engineering supplies a wide array of top pump brands including:


This is a submersible pump that can be used to dewater construction sites, drain the most demanding mines and quarries, and remove water from tunneling projects. Submersible pumps supplied by Tri-Pump and Engineering ranges from compact, portable units for small drainage jobs to larger dewatering pumps for a variety of commercial and industrial applications where corrosion and abrasive conditions exist. A full range of hydraulic submersible pumps for general duty in dewatering, bypass, drainage, sewerage and sludge applications are available.


With two options to choose from (diesel and electric), these are fully automated self-priming pumps used for temporary and permanent applications including dewatering and liquids transfer in the mining, construction, municipal and industrial sector. Godwin Pumps transformed the portable pumping industry with the introduction of the original automated self-priming Dri-Prime pump in 1970 which is not only reliable but comes fully equipped with non-clogging technology.


Tri-Pump and Engineering supplies a range of Vogel pumps for various water pumping needs in the residential, irrigation, building services, commercial and industrial markets.


This is an industrial strength pond cleaner, providing a robust and efficient means of dealing with slimes and slurries produced from a range of mining operations. Electric powered and unmanned, its unique combination of suction and agitation processes protects valuable plastic liners but enables most high density sediments to be easily extracted for re-processing or for restoring water storage capacity to the reservoir it operates in.

Wanner engineering – Hydra Cell

Heavy duty pumps for the processing industries, truck wash facilities, gland service water and many other industrial applications. Hydra-Cell positive displacement pumps feature a seal less pumping chamber and hydraulically balanced diaphragm design, enabling the pumps to provide leak free, low maintenance with high output performance while processing liquids with a high content of solids in suspension over a wide range of pressures, flows and head lifts. These pumps can run dry without damage for extended periods and will handle abrasives and particles (up to 500 microns) which is normally destructive on many other pump designs. Multiple diaphragms minimize pulsations allowing Hydra-Cell to operate virtually pulse free reducing the need for expensive pulsation dampeners.


The Grisworld 811 ANSI centrifugal pump was one of the first pump designs to conform to ANSI standards in the 1970's and continues to meet and exceed all B73.1M requirements for chemical processing to date. The 811 offers a full range of pump sizes, as well as alternative options and upgrades to tailor the 811's handling to meet virtually any fluid processing application.

PSG-Dove – Abaque pumps

The Mouvex Abaque series pump can handle the toughest pumping challenges, including abrasive and aggressive fluids, as well as shear sensitive and viscous materials. Its seal-free design eliminates leaks and contamination. The fluids are contained within the hose making it the primary maintenance component.

SPP pumps

These are centrifugal pumps for a variety of applications across a wide range of industries. Product applications include fire protection and fire fighting, water supply, circulation and distribution, HVAC, dewatering, drainage as well as irrigation.

Tri-Pump and Engineering Ltd · Specialised pumps

Industrial tools and equipment

Tri-Pump and Engineering is the official sole exclusive distributor for the Goodman series of locomotives and Eimco range of rocker shovels. The company is also a preferred supplier for the Man-Dirk group of companies, providing general and specialist tools in the applications of safety, maintenance, repair and operations.

Tri-Pump and Engineering is a distributer of a wide variety of Goodman, Eimco and Man-Dirk products and accessories.


Trident S.A. is the global manufacturer of the Goodman range of products. Since 1997, Tri-Pump has been distributing up-to-date Goodman equipment to various industrial sectors in Zambia. The Trident product array is arguably the best there is for rail bound applications in mining. Over the years, the product has evolved to include the latest technologies, innovations and safety features.


Tri-Pump provides a broad spectrum of general and specialist Man-Dirk tools including abrasives, adhesives, sealants, air tools, brush ware, clamps, crimping tools, drillers, fasteners, ladders, tool-kits, as well as various electrical test equipment.

Customer service and support

Tri-Pump and Engineering has a dynamic spare parts team to ensure that supply to customers is prompt and efficient with an engineering team on hand to provide technical advice. The company's exceptional service reduces downtime hence enhancing the performance of its customers' outputs.

Tri-Pump and Engineering Ltd · Industrial tools and equipment

Mine plant hire

For a wide variety of dewatering needs, Tri-Pump and Engineering offers a comprehensive range of powerful and reliable pumps for hire. The company provides unrivalled expertise with global experience delivered locally. Tri-Pump is constantly expanding its rental stock to meet its customers' diverse needs.

When a customer needs a pump on a temporal basis, it makes more economic sense to rent than purchase it. Tri-Pump and Engineering offers a cost-effective alternative to buying a pump.

The company's key to its success lies in closely working with its customers to tailor solutions that enhance their system, boost their productivity and lower their operating costs. Tri-Pump and Engineering is dedicated to providing excellent and reliable solutions.

No matter the undertaking, this company's array of equipment can handle a broad spectrum of pumping needs. Tri-Pump focuses on ensuring that its customers complete their projects in full confidence, every time. Tri-Pump and Engineering will install and maintain all rented equipment.

Tri-Pump and Engineering Ltd · Mine plant hire

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