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Universal Electric Company

Universal Electric specialises in rewinding, repairing and servicing electrical machines, including motors, generators, transformers, welding machines and other electromagnetic units for commerce, industry and the farming community in Zambia. With a highly trained team, this company also offers consultancy services on all aspects of electrical systems integration. Universal Electric Company prides themselves on the quality of their service.
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Mukatasha Road, Lusaka
7186 Mukatasha Road, Light Industrial Area, Lusaka, Zambia
Open today: 08:00-17:000
+260 211 286929, +260 977 509830, +260 966 748095
PO Box 34258, Lusaka, Zambia

Electrical engineering

Using state-of-the-art technologies to respond rapidly and efficiently, Universal Electric Company installs a full range of electrical motors, generators, transformers and other specialised electromagnetic units. The company is committed to keeping its clients’ electrical distribution systems and equipment operating properly and safely.

Universal Electric Company provides a full spectrum of electrical engineering planning, design and installation services. The company maintains a high professional standard and has been in business since 1973.

Before starting a project, Universal Electric Company works closely with its clients to fully understand what their energy objectives are. The company listens with the intent to understand each client’s fundamental project goals and from this conversation a comprehensive and optimised solution is developed.

From start to finish, Universal Electric Company has the expertise to ensure efficient execution throughout the entire duration of a project. The company acknowledges that each project’s and client’s needs vary, which is why it recognises the need to be flexible in its approach.

Universal Electric Company · Electrical engineering

Industrial equipment servicing

Universal Electric Company repairs, rewinds and maintains all kinds of electrical machines such as motors, generators, transformers, welding machines and other specialised electromagnetic units. The company has extensive experience in rewinding D.C and A.C electric motors and generators of all sizes and power ratings.

Universal Electric Company’s primary activity centres around rewinding of electrical machines. When the windings of an electric motor or generator are damaged, rewinding can be done to make it workable again without the high cost of paying for a new machine. At Universal electric Company, they specialise in removing old windings that have burned out, preparing the machine for the insertion of new windings and finishing these with suitable insulation and varnish to make the machine as good as new (and often better)!

Electric generators usually have an engine to drive a generator which produces electrical power for the consumer. The principles of operation of electric motors and electric generators are based on the same laws of the interactions of electromagnetic fields on the stator and the rotor. Generators also vary in size depending on the power that they are expected to deliver to the load.

When these machines experience a fault due to a range of reasons, large currents will flow in their windings which in turn will cause these windings to burn out due to excessive heat. It has to be said that these machines run at relatively high speeds (3000 rpm) and at this speed their rotors develop very high inertia. In the event of a fault, this inertia is converted into mechanical power that causes further destruction to the machine.

Universal Electric Company · Industrial equipment servicing

Electrical services

Universal Electric Company provides professional consultancy services on all aspects of electrical systems integration including solar power, variable speed drives, combined heat and power CHP as well as industrial and domestic electrical installations. The company has a highly trained team of consultants with hands-on experience.

Modern electrical engineering is a complex blend of power engineering and software, many modern installations combine advanced software techniques to control power equipment. Universal Electric Company is qualified to provide consultancy services on electrical installations in accordance with the IET standards, 17th Edition.

When a client engages this company, he/she will be working with a highly trained team of engineers that has hands-on experience dealing with various projects. Over the years, Universal Electric Company has pioneered new concepts across a wide selection of sectors, resulting in a range of innovative and cost-effective energy options.

Universal Electric Company · Electrical services