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Edible oils

Zamanita is a producer, supplier and exporter of nutritious and healthy cholesterol-free cooking oil. Using state-of-the-art equipment experience, this company is able to efficiently manage supply chains to deliver the highest quality edible oils to meet the needs of retail, food manufacturing, hospitality and domestic customers.
Nutritious and healthy cholesterol free cooking oil
Modern refining technology for sustainable production
A variety of packaging and quantity options to choose from

Zamanita is one of Zambia's leading companies that are supplying millions of customers with a variety of cholesterol-free cooking oil that is made from non-GMO ingredients. Their oil also contains essential nutrients that are of great benefit to the human body.

Since inception, Zamanita has been committed to producing its cooking oil to the highest standards. It has achieved this by investing in up to date oil refining equipment and continuously researching the latest innovations and methods in cooking oil production. Their goal is to always provide their clients with the very best products.

Soya bean meal

Zamanita is a major supplier of soybean meal to various companies in the animal feeds industry in Zambia. Soybean meal is very high in protein and is mostly used as a protein supplement in animal feeds and diets for pigs, poultry, horses and ruminants with excellent results. It is also a good source of amino acids as well as energy for animals.
Major suppliers of soybean meal
A good source of proteins and amino acids
Excellent results

Soya bean meal also known as soybean meal is the by-product of the extraction of soya bean oil. This product is very high in protein and is commonly used in the production of stock feeds for chickens, pigs and ruminants.

Feed manufacturers and farmers can get in touch with Zamanita and purchase this principle animal feed ingredient. Because of its high protein and essential amino acid content, many farmers in Zambia use this product in their feed formulations.

Commodity buyers

Most farmers in Zambia face challenges to sell their produce. As a reliable commodity buyer, Zamanita offers a ready market for groundnuts, sunflower and soya beans to farmers, especially those into small-scale farming. This has encouraged farmers to grow more and has also helped them increase their agricultural capacity.
Buyers of groundnuts, sunflower and soya beans at great prices
Suppliers are paid promptly
Helping farmers to increase their agricultural capacity and earn more

Farmers can sell their groundnuts, sunflower seeds and soya beans to Zamanita at great prices. Once received, this company's team will check if a particular commodity meets their standards for oil production. When it passes their tests, the payment process begins. The company's goal is to ensure its clients are paid promptly.

Farmers and traders that want to sell their groundnuts, sunflower seeds and soya beans are encouraged to get in touch with Zamanita and find out more on how to become suppliers and their requirements.

Contact information

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Mumbwa Road, Lusaka
Mumbwa Road, Lusaka, Zambia
+260 978 930082, +260 965 286998, +260 955 788040

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