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Established in 2009, Zoona is essentially a mobile money platform. This company also provides working capital financing, business management tools and entrepreneurial support. It is passionate about increasing financial inclusion in Zambia and helping businesses to grow. Zoona offers emerging entrepreneurs an opportunity to provide money transfers and other payment services to low-income consumers, whilst earning commissions and creating employment opportunities.

Electronic payment systems

Zoona provides electronic transfer services enabling consumers to send or receive money in Zambia at affordable rates. The company offers its services through a distribution network of cash agents and retailers. Through Zoona, consumers can pay bills, make loan repayments and buy electronic vouchers.

Zoona is the leading mobile money provider in Zambia. The company’s core product is the mobile-based Zoona Account. As Zoona agents, entrepreneurs are provided with a 'Zoona-in-a-box' business solution. These entrepreneurs make money whilst serving their communities. As well as processing money transfers, Zoona agents enable their customers to pay suppliers and access working capital finance.

Zoona's vision is to build a global business that enables thousands of emerging entrepreneurs to do business by helping millions of people send and receive money when and where they need it most.

Electronic payment systems

Zoona · Electronic payment systems