The Fifth Annual Potjie Cook-off in Siavonga, Zambia


Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the fifth ever Potjie Cook-off at the wonderful Eagles Rest in Siavonga! I’m your host with the most roast, Benny Blow! This year’s competition promises to be more heated than ever before, we have a spicy blend of contestants! Haha, yes, I can’t wait to see—and taste!–what everybody here will be cooking! Continue reading

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The Awesome Foundation Lusaka – Grants for great ideas in Zambia


Got an awesome idea?  Here’s a new way to get it off the ground!
Have you ever had a great business idea but had absolutely no way of getting it off the ground? Finances often play a big role in bringing an idea to life and sometimes we just don’t have the funds to give our dreams a head start.  Wouldn’t it be great if someone heard your idea, thought it was amazing and handed you some money to get you started, with absolutely no strings attached? It would be AWESOME! And that’s exactly what the Awesome Foundation is all about.

About the Awesome Foundation Lusaka
The Awesome Foundation Lusaka is made up of a group of 12 Zambian and international trustees that put their personal money together in order to offer a grant to kick-start an exceptional idea. Every month, the group of trustees award the most outstanding submission a grant of K3, 000 with no strings attached, to help propel the idea forward.

The Awesome Foundation Lusaka was officially launched in June 2014. It aims to offer a grant every month. The foundation seeks to spur ingenuity without all the typical red tape normally associated with grant applications.  The closing date for July’s submissions is July 28th and the winning submission will be announced before August 8th.

The First Winner
During the launch of The Awesome Foundation, the first winner was awarded with a grant of K3,000 (600USD). The winning idea that was selected by the trustees was a mobile phone application that allows anyone in Zambia to chat directly with a doctor saving them time, travel and money, all while receiving quality health information.


Submit your idea and you could get a grant of $600


Sam Musariri (left) and Kelvin Aongola (right) holding the Awesome Foundation grant money

The Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of the Teledoctor mobile application, Sam Musariri who was present at the award ceremony said that the app would offer a faster and cheaper way of accessing vital health information in a country where the doctor/patient ratio is over 1:12,000 in comparison the WHO recommended ratio of 1:5,000.

How to apply for a grant
Every month interested people can submit their application through the Awesome Foundation website. The application process is rapid and non-bureaucratic: there are only three questions to answer along with the submission of an application. The deadline for applications is the last Monday of every month and the recipient is announced the following week.

Top tip: Have a succinct plan detailing exactly how you plan to spend the grant money to make your idea a reality. (Paying for your rent or even your uncle’s rent isn’t a winning idea.)

If you have an awesome idea that needs a bit of cash to get off the ground or you want to follow the ideas coming out of Lusaka, visit the Awesome Foundation website here  or follow them on Twitter . To contact Awesome Foundation Lusaka, email or call +260 962 490 690.

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Complete Tyre Solutions in Zambia – Aust-Africa Tyres


Although often overlooked, tyres are in fact some of the most important parts of a car. Poor tyres can reduce the performance of your car, increase your stopping distance and raise the risk of skidding. Ensuring that you have the right tyres, in the best possible condition, not only assures you of a smooth ride but could be the difference that saves your life. After all, tyres are your direct contact with the road and can make the difference between you staying on the road or going into the ditch in tricky circumstances.

Aust-Africa Tyres Zambia understands that the condition of your tyres is just as important as the condition of other critical parts of your car. Aust-Africa recognises that there is no magical tyre that appears on the market and outperforms everything else. The company believes in providing known brands that have been tested and proven to be efficient. Aust-Africa supplies clients with quality products through a stable supply chain, supported by professional engineering personnel with experience in Australia, Africa, South East Asia and South America.

Aust-Africa developments
Aust-Africa is constantly introducing new products and services in order to keep up to date with the latest developments in the tyre industry:-

The Aeolus brand
Aust-Africa has a full stock of Aeolus branded tyres. The Aeolus Brand is phenomenal value in terms of cost per kilometre and cost per hour. Aeolus is an ideal option for people who want the perfect balance between quality, performance and price. These tyres distinguish themselves through their high durability, safe road behaviour and minimisation of depreciation expenses. Aeolus tyres comply with all safety and environment labels.

Aeolus tyres rank number 20 among the top 75 global ranking tyres. Aeolus Tyre is registered worldwide in more than 80 countries and regions, and exports tyres to more than 140 countries and regions in the world.

aust-africa-tyres1 aust-africa-tyres3

New tyre division
Aust-Africa has set up a tyre repair division called TrGrip. Run by Derek Smit who comes with a wealth of experience, this division offers repairs that are guaranteed for six months. Services include hot repair and vulcanising.

New equipment
The company has recently imported a Lawrence Computerised Wheel Alignment machine which has been commissioned and is now in employment. Added to the wheel alignment, the company also has a new computerised Workmate wheel balancing equipment to expedite fitment time. In addition, the company has a new range of BF Goodrich tyres.

Complete solutions
Aust-Africa is a one stop shop for all tyre needs. The company provides complete solutions which include:

  • Complete fleet management provided with service crew on site
  • Cane haulage tyre solutions
  • Provision of OTR tyres which is the most cost effective tyre on the market
  • Tyre removal machinery
  • Provision of the ReSeal service

About Aust-Africa Tyres
Aust-Africa Tyres Zambia provides a full tyre supply and support service to the mining, construction and transport industries. Aust-Africa Tyres has its head office in Lusaka, Zambia and is currently setting up a new branch in Solwezi. Aust-Africa Tyres also has a branch in Mazabuka which services the Southern Province. Find out more about Aust-Africa Tyres here.

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Car rental solutions in Zambia

City Drive Rent A CarHave you ever had car trouble in the middle of nowhere, with an important task or job that needs immediate attention? Organising alternative transport may be easier and cheaper than you think, especially when you weigh up the price against the cost of being stranded. Continue reading

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Bongwe’s Grand Opening in Lusaka – Live music, drinks and dance


Popularly known as “Bongwe’s Barn,” the Bongwe’s Barn & Guest House is part of Bongwe Safaris and was opened to offer affordable accommodation to Lusaka guests, providing the same great services that Bongwe is  best known for. Bongwe’s Barn also has a lively bar and restaurant that serves fantastic “pub grub”. Earlier this month, Bongwe’s Barn relocated to a new venue in Lusaka’s Roma area and to celebrate the new beginning, the Bongwe team hosted a live music event. Blogger extraordinaire Benny Blow was there to capture the fun!

The taxi driver had a speech impediment and I was a wee bit tipsy. There was going to be much miscommunication. Giving directions to Bongwe Barn’s new location proved a little more difficult than I’d thought, but I got there just before the show began… Continue reading

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