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The Zambia construction industry is booming. The range of property developments includes residential and commercial properties for varied industries. As a result there are many Zambia construction companies including professional services like contractors and architects as well as building equipment and supplies. Select the type of construction service you are looking for and relevant companies will be presented. Then you can make arrangements directly through the contact details or enquiry form provided.

If you need companies who can help with the planning, design and project management of buildings then look no further. Architecture primarily involves the design of a building in terms of aesthetics and public safety. They provide the working… Read more

Building consultants help plan and implement all kinds of building projects in Zambia, providing expertise, and guidance in the choice of building materials, systems and contracts. Some building consultants specialise in particular aspects of the building industry rather than… Read more

These are Zambia construction contractors and builders. These companies focus on new builds and extensions. The companies listed here tend to be larger building contractors that are involved in the development of Zambia through the construction of property in… Read more

Building supplies in Zambia are available from a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers. Building supplies and materials are the products that are needed in the building trade, for the construction of property in Zambia such as homes, office blocks and… Read more

Civil engineering includes surveying, structural engineering, construction engineering and transportation engineering. Various companies in Zambia that design, project manage, construct and maintain works such as building complexes, bridges, roads, canals and dams are showcased here. … Read more

Where to find plant and equipment specially designed for executing construction tasks, usually for earthwork and mining operations in Zambia. As well as performing implementation, traction and structure related jobs, they may also support power generation, control and information… Read more

All kinds of electrical supplies for the construction industry in Zambia. These products include raw materials for the installation of electrical systems in buildings and the wholesale supply of household electrical goods and items related to large scale developments. … Read more

A broad range of engineering services, such as machining and turning for the production and maintenance of heavy machinery and equipment within the manufacturing and construction sector. … Read more

Construction equipment of all kinds for hire for short or long periods – excavators, caterpillars and more. When you only need the use of specialised machinery or plant for a limited period, it may make business sense to hire rather than… Read more

The process of assembling and setting up factories and equipment in Zambia for industrial and manufacturing operations. It includes installing machinery, tools, instruments and fixtures as well as construction of the actual premises. … Read more

Where to find plumbing products including bathtubs, toilets, tap-ware, pipes, valves and pipe connectors in Zambia. These outlets support the growing Zambian construction industry. … Read more

Property consultants in Zambia are involved with large construction projects for established companies, agencies and property investors. Companies listed here have relevant experience, excellent contacts with contractors and suppliers and professional teams to effectively project manage building projects so… Read more

Companies who work in the Zambia property improvement business. These are Zambian businesses and builders who manage projects related to the development of existing properties, estates and factory premises. They are involved in specialist aspects of the Zambia building… Read more

Roofing for any kind of building project, from large industrial complexes to a single house. A range of roofing solutions are available from these roofing material suppliers. … Read more

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