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A Zambia lodge is usually found in urban areas. Quality ranges but this type of Zambia accommodation is usually of a mid to high standard. Rooms vary in size, but are usually on the large side with high-quality interior design and en-suite facilities. A Zambian lodge will typically have sprawling grounds with landscaped gardens, a swimming pool, restaurant and bar area making them great places to stay while you travel Zambia.

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Name Location Price Listing
Acamm's Lodge Chalala Lusaka, Chalala Price on application Gold
Acamm's Lodge Roma Lusaka Price on application Gold
Amigos Garden Lodge Kitwe, Nkana East Price on application Silver
Anina's Executive Lodge Lusaka ZMW200 - ZMW550 Gold
Binnie Corporate Lodge Lusaka Price on application Gold
Blue Nile Inn — Longacres Lusaka ZMW350 per night Gold
Blue Nile Inn — Makeni Lusaka ZMW350 per night Gold
Chanters Lodge Livingstone ZMW275 - ZMW450 Gold
Chapa Classic Lodge Livingstone ZMW225 - ZMW350 Gold
Church Road Lodge Lusaka ZMW350 - ZMW450 Gold
Comfort Lodge Lusaka ZMW350 - ZMW500 Gold
Cool Breeze Lodge Lusaka Price on application Gold
Cosmic Executive Lodge Lusaka ZMW360 - ZMW500 Gold
Country Lodge Lusaka Lusaka ZMW500 Gold
Country Lodge Mongu Mongu ZMW300 - ZMW500 Gold
Country Lodge Sioma Sioma ZMW350 - 1,000 Gold
Country Lodge Solwezi Solwezi Price on application Gold
Countrywood Lodge Lusaka ZMW250 - ZMW350 Silver
Cozy Lodge Lusaka ZMW290 to ZMW870 Gold
Euphrates Lodge Kitwe Price on application Silver
Exclusive House Lusaka ZMW250 - ZMW400 Gold
Floriana Lodge Solwezi Price on application Silver
Four Pillars Lodge Lusaka from ZMW350 Gold
Fringilla Farm Lodge Chisamba, Lusaka ZMW225 - ZMW500 Gold
Gemistar Travel, Tours & Lodge Lusaka ZMW275 - ZMW425 Gold
Golden Days Executive Lodge Lusaka ZMW150 - ZMW250 Gold
Green Tree Lodge Livingstone ZMW200 - ZMW300 Silver
Guestmate Inn Livingstone ZMW200 - ZMW300 Gold
Henry Courtyard Mansa Price on application Silver
Inosben Lodge Livingstone ZMW100 - ZMW250 Gold
Italian Lodge Lusaka Price on application Silver
Junior Leisure Resort Livingstone ZMW225 - ZMW275 Gold
Kaazmein Lodge and Resort Livingstone ZMW225 - ZMW450 Silver
Kaingo Executive Lodge Lusaka ZMW325 - ZMW625 Gold
Kakwele Lodge Lusaka ZMW100 Gold
Kalahari Hotels and Lodges Lusaka ZMW300 Silver
Kilimanjaro Country Lodge & Café Lusaka ZMW500 - ZMW700 Silver
Kinsa Lodge Ndola, Kansenshi Price on application Silver
Konzani Gardens Lodge Lusaka, West ZMW250 to ZMW450 Silver
Kozo Lodge Choma Choma ZMW200 - ZMW400 Silver
Kozo Lodge Livingstone Livingstone ZMW150 - ZMW250 Silver
Kwithu Lodge Lusaka, Avondale Price on application Gold
Lake Safari Lodge Lake Kariba, Siavonga ZMW200 - ZMW350 Silver
Limbo Guest Lodge Livingstone ZMW200 - ZMW300 Gold
Livingstone Guest Farm Livingstone Price on application Silver
Lodge at Sunset Villas, The Lusaka Price on application Silver
Longview Lodge Lusaka, Chudleigh Price on application Gold
Lunte Lodge Mpezeni Kitwe ZMW750 - ZMW1,000 Silver
Lunte Lodge Pamo Kitwe ZMW750 - ZMW1,000 Silver
Mahak Lodge Lusaka ZMW200 - ZMW250 Gold
Manda Hill Lodge Lusaka ZMW350 - ZMW500 Silver
Melsim Lodge Lusaka Price on application Gold
Michelangelo Ndola Price on application Silver
Mint Leaf Lodge Lusaka ZMW325 - ZMW600 Gold
Mosi-O-Tunya Executive Lodge Livingstone, Highlands Price on application Silver
Mukwa Lodge and Restaurant - Kitwe Kitwe Price on application Silver
Mukwa Lodge - Chingola Chingola Price on application Silver
Nalumba Lodges Mongu ZMW150 - ZMW300 Silver
Namel's Guest Lodge Livingstone ZMW250 - ZMW450 Silver
Ngolide Lodge & Restaurant Livingstone ZMW260 - ZMW455 Gold
Nobutula Lodge Kitwe, Parklands Price on application Silver
Palmwood Lodge Lusaka ZMW375 - ZMW1,800 Gold
Prime Lodge Lusaka ZMW300 - ZMW600 Silver
Pumulani Livingstone Livingstone ZMW250 to ZMW350 Gold
Rite Inn, The Livingstone ZMW400 - ZMW555 Silver
Roma Lodge Lusaka ZMW250 - ZMW375 Gold
Sandy's Creations Lodge Lusaka Price on application Gold
Shamilimo Lodge Ndola - Kapiri Road ZMW250 - ZMW300 Gold
Thorn Park Lodge Lusaka ZMW125 - ZMW250 Silver
Trenchtown Lodge Livingstone, Highlands Price on application Silver
Villa Executive Lodge Lusaka Price on application Gold
Village Rest Lusaka, Lilayi ZMW300 - ZMW375 Gold
Wasawange Lodge Livingstone ZMW375 - ZMW1,000 Silver
Wazambi Lodge Emmasdale Lusaka ZMW175 - ZMW250 Silver
Wazambi Lodge Makeni Lusaka ZMW175 - ZMW250 Silver
Wesu Executive Lodge Lusaka ZMW300 - ZMW400 Silver
Woodlands Ash Lodge Lusaka Price on application Silver
Zanji Lodge Ndola ZMW250 - ZMW450 Silver
Zigzag Livingstone ZMW250 - ZMW550 Silver
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