Centre Networks Zambia

Since its doors opened in 2007, Centre Networks Zambia has been growing its operations, specialising in providing efficient digital networking packages. This company offers equipment and supplies for wide area networks, local area networks, centralised fibre optic networks, high speed networking, CCTV solutions (surveillance cameras), air conditioning, computer solutions and general supplies. Centre Networks Zambia also provides an after sale service for the products it supplies.


Networking and Security in Lusaka, Zambia

Centre Networks Zambia is a dedicated networking company that specialises in providing efficient networking solutions across Zambia. The company has the expertise to professionally set up Wide Area Networks, Local Area Networks, Centralised Fibre Optic Networks and High Speed Networks.
  • Has a comprehensive portfolio of networking solutions
  • Provide Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) fibre for high speed networking.
  • Connectivity using fibre optic cables to create a centralised fibre optic network
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Centre Networks Zambia has a comprehensive portfolio of networking solutions which include:

  • Wide Area Network solutions (WAN)
    WAN covers a large geographic area of several hundred miles and involves the use of very small aperture terminals, creating a flexible way of communication. It makes it possible to simultaneously and efficiently support diverse requirements such as serial data communication using multiple LANs, protocols, two way voice, video and audio broadcast.
  • Local Area Network solutions (LAN)
    LAN is a communications network that connects various hardware devices together within a building, using a continuous cable, or an in-house voice-data telephone system. It enables individual computer users to share data or files from a central computer known as a server. Laser printers and other peripheral equipment can be connected to a LAN for common use.Centre Networks Zambia installs structured cable system using UTP (cat 5e and cat 6) and fibre optic cables. It also installs and configures all types of PABXs (voice systems), including VOIP solutions.
  • Centralised fibre optic network
    Most networks are designed and structured around cabling. This usually requires a distance of more than 90 metres of cable in order to connect two buildings. This process is very expensive. Centralised Systems Zambia offers a more convenient way of connectivity using fibre optic cables to create a Centralised Fibre Optic Network.

    Fibre does not have the 90 metre limitation of UTP cables and therefore allows the user to place all electronics in one location near the computer room. The telecom closet is only used for passive connection of backbone fibre optic cables, so no power, UPS, ground or air conditioning is needed. In addition, having all the fibre optic hubs in one location means better utilisation of the hardware, with fewer unused ports. This system significantly reduces costs.

  • High speed networking
    Centre Networks provide Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) fibre. The team are constantly attending seminars on advanced cabling in order to provide the latest equipment for high speed networking.

Other services
Power solutions

  • Generators: Centre Networks ensures that it provides clients with a specific generator to meet individual needs.
  • UPS systems: Centre networks supply, install and service all types of UPS’, voltage stabilisers and inverters.
  • Automatic voltage stabilisers: These ensure that electrical systems function effectively by making sure the quality of the power feed is sufficient.
  • Air conditioning 
    Centre Networks Zambia supplies and installs air conditioners for home, office or industrial use.
  • Board room technical design
    Centre Networks Zambia supplies and installs state of the art board room equipment which includes control projectors, touch screen monitors, projector screens (both electrical and manual) and conferencing facilities.
  • General supply
    The company also offers office furniture and stationery, and safety clothing such as safety shoes, work suits, reflectors and hard hats.

Centre Networks installs

  • LANs
  • WANs
  • Fibre optic networks (single and multi mode)
  • PABXs
  • UPS systems
  • Voltage stabilisers
  • VSATs
  • Access control
  • Air conditioning units
  • CCTV systems
  • Generators

Centre Networks brands

  • 3com
  • Brand-Rex
  • Cisco systems
  • Dell
  • D-Link
  • HP Invent
  • Legrand
  • Molex
  • Panduit
  • TRENDnet

Computers and Accessories in Lusaka, Zambia

This company supplies and installs world leading brands of PCs, printers, photo copying machines, servers, software, networking accessories and more. Centre Networks Zambia's professional technical support staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of support and service possible to its customers.
  • Suppliers and installers of world leading brands of computers and accessories
  • Products that enhance the computing experience
  • Professional technical support staff
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Centre Networks Zambia is focused on providing world class ICT solutions which includes software, hardware and accessories. The company has put in place a team of highly qualified dedicated personnel to provide support on its range of products.

With many years of distribution experience under its belt, Centre Networks Zambia sets itself apart from other computer distribution company’s by focusing on offering high-tech peripherals to enhance its customer’s computing experience. The company has a strong passion for technology and is continuously striving to improve the delivery of products and services. By identifying emerging technologies, Centre Networks Zambia has the ability to source the latest computers and accessories from top manufacturers.

Security systems in Lusaka, Zambia

Centre Networks Zambia is a major supplier and installer of a wide selection of CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television), access control systems for doors and vehicle number plate identifiers for gates. Since its inception, this company has been offering its customers high quality products at a competitive prices.
  • A full range of CCTV, access control and vehicle number plate identifying systems
  • Installations done by highly skilled technical specialists
  • High quality products at a competitive prices
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Centre Networks Zambia combines professionalism and knowledge of the market to offer top of the line CCTV, access control and vehicle number plate identifying systems. The company is dedicated to giving its clients the best possible service by developing a unique approach to servicing and supporting them. Their team of technical specialists and sales reps possess broad professional experience, permanently searching for the latest technological developments in the security industry. Centre Networks Zambia’s range of products are meticulously chosen with the end user in mind.

Contact information

Lotti House, 7th Floor, Room 711, Cairo Road, Lusaka, Zambia
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+260 955 914433

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