ElitePos Zambia

ElitePos specialises in professional Point of Sale (POS) solutions for retail businesses, the hospitality industry and other establishments. The company provides a comprehensive of range applications, both software and hardware. It is the sole agent for PowerPos Systems in South Africa, the originators of the PowerTill software. The ElitePos’ technical department focuses on project designing and support to ensure that clients' needs are well taken care of.  


Point of sale systems in Lusaka, Zambia

ElitePos supplies a range of point of sale software, equipment and consumables. The PowerTill system connects to most Uniwell cash registers, and can handle order processing, goods receiving, stock control and debtors control, catering for general retail, pizza delivery, butchery retail, and bar and restaurant services.
  • Point of sale systems on a rental basis
  • Agent for PowerPos Systems of South Africa
  • After sales support and service level agreements
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The company has a specialist team of technicians to provide routine maintenance, installations and emergency repairs.

Other products offered by ElitePos include hotel logging systems, medical surgery management systems and consumables such as till rolls and labels. Cash drawers, scanners, thermal printers and CCTV cameras are also stocked.

The PowerTill system connects to most Uniwell cash registers. It can handle goods receiving, stock control, debtors control, creditors control and order processing. PowerTill also creates an operations history. The system is flexible enough to cater for:

  • General retail
  • Promotions and advertising
  • Pizza delivery
  • Butchery retail operations
  • Bar and restaurant services

When you purchase the PowerTill system you only pay for your license once with no annual licence involved. And with PowerTill you can purchase just what you want because it comes in modules. These include:

  • Reporting – obtain various reports for your total business management
  • Programming – allows clients to program their specific products, operators and much more
  • Passwords – each level is defined by a unique password for added security
  • Touch screen – interfaces with touch screen applications for ease of use and better presentation

Service level agreements
A great advantage of buying from ElitePos is that it offers its clients service level agreements. This allows clients the flexibility to control their running costs whilst enjoying uninterrupted after sales support.

Software and equipment rental
The rental agreement allows those clients who are not in a position to purchase outright their POS equipment and software to pay a monthly rental fee instead.

ElitePos Zambia offers customer support through the following channels:

  • Telephone
  • Remotely (through desktop sharing software such as Teamviewer)
  • On site

Clients which ElitePos work with

  • Lake Harvest Products
  • Kafue Fisheries
  • Roberts Fish & Veg
  • Fruit & Veg City
  • TOTAL Kafue
  • TOTAL Solwezi
  • Qwik Mart
  • Buckley Mart
  • Kadris
  • Lilayi Lodge

Business software and systems in Lusaka, Zambia

As agents for PowerPos and Voyage POS systems, ElitePos Zambia offers software products that can be used in various industries including hospitality, catering and general retail. The company’s team of service engineers and technicians are responsible for the installation and training of all POS software supplied.
  • Agents for PowerPos and Voyage POS systems
  • Designed to make it simple for companies to sell
  • Engineers and technicians are responsible for the installation and training
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PowerPos system
ElitePos installs and supports PowerPos Systems’ range of point-of-sale software. The software is designed to make it simple for companies to sell their products or services. It is easy to use and can get staff selling in no time.

PowerPos Systems software saves users countless bookkeeping hours and puts all their data where it belongs. It is trusted by a wide range of business owners because they are able to achieve greater success and deliver outstanding selling experiences.

Voyage POS system
ElitePos Zambia also offers the Voyage POS system, a feature rich point-of-sale application. This system caters for retail stores, restaurants, butcheries and lodges/hotels (room billing/booking).
With this software, users can also connect with many scale brands, make cloud data backups and see business reports anywhere in the world.

Clients can rent the software or decide to purchase any of the two software, one-off purchase – no annual subscription.

Thermal rolls in Lusaka, Zambia

Coming in a variety of sizes, ElitePos supplies a wide selection of high quality and affordable thermal rolls to restaurants, retail shops, offices, banks and businesses of all kinds around Zambia. The company’s knowledgeable team is readily available to advise and assist its clients on the best rolls for their business.
  • A wide selection of high quality and affordable thermal rolls
  • Team is readily available to advise and assist its clients
  • Rolls made from premium quality raw materials
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All thermal rolls offered by ElitePos are produced from premium quality raw materials with latest state-of-the-art production techniques for durability of the paper and printed images.

Contact information

4298 Buyantanshi Road, Lusaka, Zambia
P.O. Box
PO Box 38447, Lusaka
Enquire below
+260 211 241930, +260 212 210873
+260 977 758529

Opening times

08:00 – 17:00
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