Embassy of Angola in Zambia


Angola offers a rich diversity of African culture. Its official language is Portuguese. The country's economy is growing rapidly, with vast mineral reserves and tourist attractions. The Angolan Embassy in Lusaka promotes Angola’s partnership with Zambia, as well as investment opportunities in Angola. The embassy also provides visas for non-Angolans wishing to visit Angola, as well as helping Angolan nationals with passports and temporary travel documents.

The Angolan Embassy in Zambia promotes tourism, culture and trade between Angola and Zambia. It provides a link between the two countries. The cultural origins of Angola are tied to the traditions of the central Bantu peoples of the ancient kingdom of Kongo, as well as a strong Portuguese cultural influence.
  • Promoting Angola’s partnership with Zambia
  • Promoting investment opportunities in Angola
  • Providing visas for non-Angolans wishing to visit Angola